New Moon Spoilers: Changes Abound!

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Photos from the New Moon set revealed Robert Pattinson and company hard at work.

Now, Life & Style is revealing secrets from the upcoming film's script.

Think you're familiar with the story of Edward and Bella in this follow-up to Twilight? Think again. On key plot points, the big screen adaption will differ greatly from the book. For example...

  • In the novel, Edward never actually appears; he's simply a voice in Bella's head. But, come on, the movie had to showcase Pattinson on screen.

Look for Edward to appear like an apparition in New Moon, a development that created concern for the actor: "I really wanted it to be a complete absence. It’s easier to give it more power at the end if I’m completely absent."

  • The movie will depict an action-filled scene that doesn't take place in the book, as Laurent fights back against the werewolves that destroy him in the original story.
  • Finally, in Stephenie Meyer's adventure, Edward says he'll turn Bella into a vampire only if they wed. In the film, however, he offers a different ultimatum. (You don't really wanna know every detail ahead of time, do you?!?)

What do you think of these changes, New Moon readers? Good? Bad? Or do you not care as long as you can stare at Robert Pattinson for two hours?


I am totally looking forward to the movie, but the thing i am confused about is if they change the ending where edward asks bella about the ultimatum how are they books going to continue. They must have been thinking about something brilliant, not even where we can 2nd guess what it will be. I hope its great!!


I think that R Pattinson is real good guy,i love hi so much


I think that R Pattinson is the real goog guy,i love he very much


You've got to be kidding me?!
I can understand them making the Laurent scene differently because it makes it more interesting, but the marriage scene.. that's the best. It starts in New Moon and then they talk more about it in Eclipse and then it finally happens in Breaking Dawn, how are they supposed to make another ultimatum? It would mess up the story. I will be soo mad if they take out the part of him asking her, unless their wanting it to be in Eclipse and they have something just as good or atleast close; in New Moon. I can't even imagine what another ultimatum would be!


Why do they need a different ultimatum? Why cant they use the one that Stephenie Meyer wrote. I dont see why they have to change anything about the book to make it a good movie, cause chances are if all fans loved the book then when the movie comes out they are going to love it, so whats the point of changing anything, at least they didnt change the important parts like when he leaves her, and the dream sequence at the very beginning, and when drop-dead gorgeous Jasper attacks her!! That would just ruin the whole movie for me. I really cant wait to see the Volterra scenes and I sooo want a 911 porsche, except a metallic green one!!


I understand that for the sake of the movie they woul make some minor changes, like Laurent fighting back for example, it gives the movie some action. But I don't think changing the ULTIMATUM is a good idea, because Stephanie Meyer wrote it in a certain way with a purpose. If I were her I wouldn't allow it.


the action in the movie was awsome i loved how they showed the volturi in the movie they did a really good job of showing jow they are, i pictured them differently in the book but it was still great. edward left in the movie just as he did in the book.
i liked the bond between jacob and bella jacob is such a good friend after edward left!!!!!
see ya l8tr


i love new moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it rocked
i also love twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you guys all rock


i think the action will make the movie all the more interesting. but why are they not releasing the movie in India? all the fans in India including myself are so unlucky!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just not so fair!!!!!!!!!!


i don't mind seeing rob in the film, the problem is why does he have to give bella a different ultimatum. why can't they just stick to edward asking bella to marry him, its a whole lot easier and thats my fave part as well.
although i'm alittle disapionted about that i can't wait for november!!!!!!!!!