Clay Aiken on Adam Lambert: Contrived, Awful and Frightening!

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Clay Aiken won't be going on tour with Adam Lambert any time soon.

In fact, he may not even subscribe to Lambert's Twitter account!

When asked about the polarizing American Idol runner-up, Aiken (who is also gay and who also finished second during season three of the series) replied:

I only turn the show on once a season, and only to see what the set looks like each year. This year, I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing “Ring of Fire” and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening!

I wasn’t really a fan and found myself surprised whenever folks told me that they liked him. Granted, I never saw another performance (and many folks who I trust said that he was great) but I can’t imagine I would have enjoyed it. Just not my cup of tea at all. To each his own.

Are you on Team Clay or Team Lambert?


Clay was so right about Adam. He is contrived, awful and slightly frightening. His AMA debacle is proof enough.


Clay was Season 2 runner-up...and I absolutely love his voice...and as much as I like Adam...I wasn't terribly keen on his rendition of Ring of Fire...but overall...Adam's performances were awesome.


Clay is envious of Adam regardless of whether that was whether he disliked that rendition of ring of fire or not. That envy is shown by his actions - in reacting in an extreme fashion in public to that song. As a result, Clay comes across as...petty, small and unattractive. Adam is riding a wave of adoration based on his charisma and talent.


Clay has always been one of my favorites. Wonder why he tunes in only once a year to see the set. Weird, you ask me. But anyway, it's hardly fair to form an opinion after one performance. He might change his mind given more exposure to Adam. As for me, I can't get enough exposure to Adam!


Yeah I agree with Clay. The way Adam sang Ring of Fire made me cringe. I thought my ears was gonna bleed too. I actually got embarrased for Adam. All his other songs were great and I loved them. But yay for Clay cause unlike other celeberties he said what he thought.


"Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius."


Hahaha I know Clay likes Adam!!
And oh, Adam doesn't have a twitter account yet.


Love them both!

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