Brother of Kate Gosselin: Sister's Story for Sale!

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It's not enough to help us take Kate Gosselin's side in her messy marriage to husband Jon, but it's one thing to have random TV critics and celebrity gossip readers question your motives as a mother.

It's another thing to be sold out by your own family.

Kate Gosselin Stizzyle

Earlier this week, Kate's brother Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi laid into their relative on CBS' The Early Show. They said that Kate and Jon were exploiting their children and exposing them to an unhealthy environment.

While Kevin told the morning show "we're speaking out now because we want to be the voice of our nieces and nephews," and insisted that there was "no payment at all" exchanged for the interview, there still appears to be plans for him to profit off all this ugliness

According to E! News, Kate's sibling has been shopping his revealing take on the situation to media outlets for $30,000.

This development isnt likely to help Kevin and Jodi in their relationship with TLC's most famous couple, which Kevin admits is "definitely been strained now." He added:

"We haven't seen the kids in a while, which is hard... What we hope is that they will kind of come around, see the effects, see what's most important."


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i agree with heather i have been watching to show sense cara and maddy were little and til this day i stand behind her 100% for the people that have bad thing to say about her get a damm life if you dont like her dont watch her or read about her. all she is doing is taking care of her 8 childern what would you do if you have 8 childern and divorce. and i dont think she went out looking 4 tlc or whatever t.v show they came to her.why are people so angry with her i dont understand they were not the only family on t.v what about 19 kids in counting or quints by suprise,table for twelve i mean come on people leave the lady olne


Perfect work!


It is time to go off the air or maybe just have a couple of shows per year. The kids are in school and what will they be showing? Kate tanning or getting her nails done? I also can't stand watching her chew that gum!


Kate has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and should have a court ordered psych exam asap. The children need their own court appointed social worker as the parents are producers of the show and do NOT have the best interests of the children in mind.


I am a fan of the show & the family. I think it's funny how no one felt that the children were being exploited until now that there is other drama. This is a good family in a sad situation. I truly believe that they are good people who had good intentions & the stresses just got to them. No, Kate is not perfect & there are times I wish I could smack her....same with Jon. No one is perfect. But they are just regular people in an irregular situation. I think everyone should step aside & let them handle their personal issues. I know they are on TV, but that doesn't mean that their entire lives have to be public knowledge.


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