Relatives Say: Jon and Kate Gosselin Exploit Kids, Expose Them to Unhealthy Environment

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There's a real life family feud brewing. But this one isn't over cash and prizes; it's over the mental health of eight innocent children.

On this morning's CBS Early Show, the brother and sister-in-law of Kate Gosselin said Jon & Kate Plus 8 has devolved from its original intent of simply documenting the kids' lives.

"We thought it was very innocent at the time," said Kate's sister-in-law, Jodi. "It quickly turned into more and more demands from Jon and Kate from the network. It turned into 40 episodes in a six-month span."

Jon, Kate, their kids and their extended family of cameramen celebrated the sextuplets' fifth birthday as one, giant, awkward group on this week's season premiere.

Moreover, Jodi and her husband Kevin say there are sometimes cameras in the children's bedrooms and the tykes are "being exploited... it's time for America to see the situation for what it really is."

Based on the ridiculous ratings for Monday night's season premiere, America is definitely tuning in at least.

"Unfortunately, there are no laws protecting children in reality TV shows," Jodi said. "These children are very aware of the cameras in their homes. The home is their workplace. This is not a healthy environment for kids to be raised in."

Have Jodi and Kevin raised these concerns with Jon and Kate? Yes. In response, the couple said: "'This is what we chose. This is how we're going to provide for them.'"

And provide they have, at least in the material sense:

Jon and Kate earn up to $75,000 per episode, in addition to a slew of free items on a constant basis.

But are these freebies worth the pain the show is causing the kids? Jodi says the children have complained to her about the crew.

"They don't want the cameras around. They have told me personally," said Jodi. "They would say, 'Aunt Jodi, I don't like the cameras on every vacation with us.' Kids have bad moments, and they cry. Having a camera zoom in on a crying child... this should not be a form of entertainment."

Are you listening, Jon and Kate? Or are you too busy counting your money?


i do not like the show. one should not have their children on tv. Having tv crews in your houses on an ongoing basis is not normal. Kids should have a regular upbringing.


I think Kate & Jon should get some GOOD Christian Marriage counseling -- quickly! Kate I'm afraid as your children get older and look back at episodes they are not going to like seeing how you treated their Dad and they are going to blame the marriage falling apart on YOU (Kate). Then you will also lose the respect of your children.


Kevin and Jodi are HYPOCRITES. They are getting PAID to speak to the tabloids and various other media outlets, as well as trying to sell their side of the story for $30,000. Yep, $30,000... They are willing to sell out their own family and exploit the situation for cash. They couldn't care less about the Gosselin children. And apparently, they didn't mind the show when THEY were on it. Back then, they never mentioned "exploitation". Funny how they've changed their minds so quickly now that they're no longer on the show. It's all a money scam and hopefully people can see through their act. They should be ashamed of themselves.


Her brother is just mad cause they didn't get a piece of the pie and Kate didn't want his wife to leach either that is why they turned on them. With family like that who needs enemies and more drama, it is so sad! It doesn't matter what they know or speculate they have no business talking to the media about Kate, its dispicable.


Life can get sad.
Kate and Jon have a lot of things I don't.
A camera in their face is just one of them. is choices. I don't condemn them for their choices - the show. I've totally loved watching these kids grow up (I walk plenty, thanks). Life can get hard and theirs is no exception. I wish them both the best... I know I couldn't (wouldn't want to) manage a house with 8 kids, a husband and a camera crew.


kate is a wonderful mother. when i saw the first episode this year i cried for them, hurt for them. I understand what jon is going thru and have seen kate on a rampage but if anyone on here hasnt had one of those days , with 8 children mind you, then u are a perfect specimen, most of us arent. w/o this show these kids wouldnt have had the chance to go on half the trips ,educational trips, i might add. so before you judge walk a day in her shoes. its unfortunate jon lost his job, but he's only doing what kates been doing for 5 years. i love kate she is amazing. i pray for them, everyday.


Hope. I totally agree.


Kate the controlling bi*ch does not deserve the joy of motherhood. She is a disgusting human being.

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