Miss California Contestants Support Gay Rights

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Never have beauty pageants made so many headlines for reasons other than their bikini bodies.

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    Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis critize Carrie for supporting NOM and then Moakler turns around and does an add supporting Gay Marriage??? They also overstep their athority and crown the runner up, before Trump announces Carries fate, and end up being wrong. They are both idiots and should be fired. Carrie answered honestly and got persecuted for it. In California it appears you can only speak your mind as long as it goes along with the gay community. What a bunch of hypocrites!


    I still have yet to understand how a person or group of people can honestly call themselves a minority when they can choose to be apart of it or not. I mean a real minority can't be entered or left at whim. Wanda Sykes can't be gay and straight whenever she chooses and then claim she is in another minority.


    I love it when individuals feel they are so open minded and all they see is one side of the issue, their side. Just because you spit out hate phil doesn't make you right. Kill the Christian, kill the Conservative, kill anyone who doesn't think the way we do. Send them to an Island. If they don't agree with us they must be evil, bigoted, racist, communist, money grubbing, slim.


    "People who believe that marriage is a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman should not be permitted to live in American" - One more victory for bigotry and intolerance.


    Interrsting... These Miss California contestants were the losers, right? Humm!

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