Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Emails Revealed!

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As the fallout from the season finale of The Bachelor continues, Access Hollywood claims to have uncovered personal e-mails between Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft, his chosen fiancee who he dumped on national TV four minutes later.

In the first of several emails, Melissa Rycroft expressed her anger at Jason following the "After the Rose" special (taped in mid-January), in which Jason dumped her hard and opted for a second chance with runner-up Molly Malaney.

While Jason's change of heart shocked viewers who saw it unfold about 16 seconds after their televised engagement, Melissa may have seen it coming.

She wrote in the e-mail dated January 19:

"Last night didn't go NEAR how I thought... I still can't believe how you can't give reasons other than 'It changed.'... You know as well as I do that you didn't give 100% to me or the relationship. I don't understand how you can walk away form something without giving it your all. But I am walking away knowing I did."

Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft Meet

Jason hands Melissa a rose (and false hope) in the season premiere.

In the initial e-mail after the taping, Melissa Rycroft seemed quite clued in to Jason's feelings for Molly Malaney prior to his tearful TV confession:

"And getting confirmation about Molly in front of people like that was a complete classless move if you ask me - how could you do that to me after I repeatedly asked you about it? I'm not stupid, I knew about Molly... and you lied to me about it. I can't even tell you how much respect I lost for you... but it makes this whole process from here on out much easier for me."

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In an interview with People after Monday's finale, Jason Mesnick insisted that he had no choice in how the situation played out, that it was "part of the deal" in his contract - a sentiment echoed in his reply e-mail to Melissa.

Jason wrote the following:

"The producers had a lot to do with it. I am so sorry. This is so horrible."

Melissa Rycroft wasn't buying that weak sauce excuse, responding:

"You are a grown man and perfectly capable of making your own decisions. Own your actions and stop blaming this process."

Oh, snap!

In a later e-mail, dated January 21, Jason answered Melissa's note, going as far as to say he suffered karmic retribution for calling off the engagement:

"You don't deserve any of it at all. I wish there were more that I could say. I want to take all of your pain away and put it on me. If you are talking about Karma, I slipped and fell and had a huge gash in my leg 3 inches wide and to the bone. I deserve so much worse for what I am doing to you."

And in the final e-mail between the two, also dated January 21, Melissa reflected on Jason being dumped by DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelorette:

"I do think it's a little ironic that you kept telling me, 'Morally, how could I ever get back with DeAnna after what she did to me?' And I agree... just seems like a very similar situation with your new lady... Just a little irony I guess. Seeing the person that you became, you are right: a relationship between you and I would never work out... I'm not mad... I'm not hurt - seeing how things were handled helped me get over things quickly. I do wish you both the best though. Take care."

Wow. What do you think were the reasons Jason Mesnick didn't give Melissa Rycroft? Comment below - and click to enlarge the emails here:

Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part I
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part II
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part III
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part IV

good to see you SEEM to be happy. Good luck to you Molly because I can tell you Jason's little BABY BOY TY will always come first, so watch out for that. I also think that the past year you guys have had that was so bad you deserved. I think the rain at your Wedding proved that. So you got your penilty Thats how I see it. I think it would have been better if you would have told the truth from the beginning and not Lied to Melissa and the public. I know you are STILL lieing. But you have to live with your lie. So every chop, dig or remark you get you have deserved. Have a wonderful life you deserve each other. ( ps) You can't tell me that you didn't call Molly during the time you were with Melissa , you even admitted it and now you say you didn't and Molly put on the fake face of surprise.


Jason is a dummy, for being such a jerk. If he wanted to be with Molly he should of picked her at the end instead of Melissa it would of worked out a whole lot better.




I don't want to swear but that is fucking cruel.


Think about this, folks. Probably the reason Melissa's parents wouldn't meet Jason was because they were against the idea of her going on the show. Maybe that's why they hadn't spoken for a while. They may not have wanted to be seen as agreeing at all with the whole concept. Look at what was televised - even though we know that's how "dating" is now,any parent worth his/her salt must cringe to see their kid, esp. daughter, with nearly no clothes on and making out and more with some guy on national TV. Bachelor or Bachelorette.


really Jason not a smart move.I'm not sayin it was rigged but seriously dude know what u want. I love The Bachelor but this really made me angry.How can u be sooooo in love with the 1 u chose and a next u can't stop thinking about the 1 u dumped, and the the dumpee takes the dumper back wow! that desperation .I'm actually proud od Melissa for moving to Bigger and Better things and 1 day she will find her 1 TRUE Love.Jason may God walk with u dear.And best of wishes to Melissa On Dancing with the Star vote vote vote!!!! call,text and visit abc.com to vote mwah!!!.BTW. I know Jillian is not gonna make a fool of herself on Narional T.V like Jason did...............


Clearly Melissa isn't all that either she claims she's was dating Ty off and on for two years and was engaged to him with in two weeks after the show ended and no one ever met her parents as well as she hadn't talked to them for awhile even before the show started, I don't know why she even went on the show to begin with when she was clearly never completely single and I really don't know why she is on Dancing with the stars "key word" STARS and she is NO STAR she is a NOBODY!! She needs to go back to where ever it is she came from


Jewel has no right to say anything about Melissa. Perhaps she thinks if Melissa had gone Ty could have stayed around longer. Plus she needs to play nice because Ty is loved for his gentleness and he doesn't go around saying rules shouldn't be rules just because he hasn't needed to use then, Jewel the fact that Ty sucks it up to ride a bull has nothing whatsoever to do with Melissa. I think you need to suck it up. This whole thing from you is in poor taste and actually shocking. No respect for you anymore. But I must tell ya I love your husband. He is truly a precious gentleman. Even if you are being nasty I don't think you should count on him joining the nastiness. Sorry - you are on your own with this one so just own it. You were being catty!


some people say he did a bad thing but i think he did a good thing.he did a relly good thing and im proud of him


Lets all tune in and watch the next Bachelorette Jillian and see if we can break the record from 17 million viewers to 25 million for her Finale. Go Jillian!!!

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