Chris Brown: All Good in Diddy's Hood

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A source close to Chris Brown and Rihanna says to forget the speculation that these two might be back together.

There's nothing speculative about this reconciliation.

"They are definitely together and care a great deal about each other," an insider told People Magazine. "They feel like staying in and working through their issues. So far they have not wanted to go out."

That may be true for Rihanna. But Brown was spotted jet skiing around Diddy's Star Island home this week, seemingly without a care in the world:

Chris Brown powered through waves like they were Rihanna's tiny, ineffectual fists...

... and then showed the camera just how strong he was. (What a moron.)


chrisw brown is a nice sexy men and rinanna was playing him so she need to go back home


Granted Chris Brown should not have beat her, give the two of them a break. They obviously love each other and one mistake, even though it's huge, should not change that. He's young, and she is young... just let them be. I obviously do not know them personally, but neither does anyone else on these posts, but both seem like they have their heads on straight and one mistake should not define him for the rest of his life.


Rihanna is a dam dum ass. she did all of that just to go back with a man that is going to smack her around some more saying they can work out their problems. right didnt tina turner try that saying we can work through it and in the end he was beating her with a shoe. watch and see next time it might not stop at the face but killling her and her parents are crazy to let her go back into that realationship. i wouldnt care if she was 21. my sister 21 and if that happpen my parents would step in and talk some sense into her.


Someone help Rihanna, she's still a minor, isn't she? Where are her parents?!!


I don't blame Chris anymore. I blame Rihanna. She took him back, so she obviously deserves this. People treat you the way you let them treat you, and by taking him back, Rihanna has told Chris loud and clear that she'll take him back, no matter what he does for her. It's sad and unfortunate, because I really thought Rihanna would be stronger than that. She will now be seen as nothing but a stupid, naive, weak young lady. Way to go for setting an example for young women everywhere.


Oh, I forgot to mention that I will be so saddened if Rihanna goes back to Chris, he doesn't deserve her. -V.


I am disgusted with Chris Brown. I used to like him, but I'm outraged that he would do this, and I don't like him anymore. I feel so bad for Rihanna and I hope she recovers well. Once an abuser, most likely, always an abuser... -V.


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