American Idol Spoilers: Final Four Rigged?

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How's this for an American Idol spoiler: a staff member has allegedly been telling people that the show’s creators have already chosen this season’s top four.

There are still 11 contestants America gets to choose from.

Fox had no comment, and even with rumors of producers stacking the deck with strategic song-shuffling, it’s hard to believe anyone can guarantee who makes it.

Nevertheless, the New York Daily News claims that the American Idol brass is sweet on only a select few of the remaining hopefuls and doing everything it can.

Who's allegedly making the final four and who stands no chance, if this mole is to believed? Follow the link to reveal this potential American Idol spoiler ...

That's right - when the dust settles, the final four competitors on American Idol this season will be Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds.

Surprised? Outraged? Do you think this is even legit?

"Those ARE the people," says the Daily News mole.

"Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds are better singers and musicians than Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace, but they’re too much like past winners and ‘A’ successes... The producers really want it to be Danny or Alexis. They think they’re very commercially viable, have a good image and a great story."

If it was just her prediction, she’d be spot-on with many fans who are calling for those exact four wanna-be crooners as the best picks for stardom.

But the source took it a step further, denying that it is just speculation and claiming that higher-ups are taking issue with two of the top contenders.

While Fox’s reps had no comment, another TV insider said, “It’d be hard to manipulate the final four. Sure, the judges get one vote to save someone, but that’s before the top five, so theoretically, it’s just delaying the inevitable.

While the “fixed” four are some of the front-runners, for sure, you never know what could happen over the next month - just ask Joanna Pacitti.


i hate u kris u don't desorve to be an american idol


Hindsight is fourty twenty right...... but who saw kris.


uhm. Alexis Grace is eliminated already.


That's y alexis went home right


To say Adam Lambert is too much like a previous winner is funny. Who on earth does he resemble? He is his own artist and hands down deserves to win this. He has it all.


I think "The Leak" could well be the truth. But to throw everyone off thinking that the show is fixed (they realized the show's reputation was at stake), the judges dumped Alexis Grace, their #4 pick.
For all you Indians giving their comments about how wonderful Anoop is, stop voting race. He is mainly popular because of the recent Indian movie that won awards. I do like him, but c'mon!


Well just to prove you wrong, AI went into huddle last night and decided to dump one of your predicted 4 finalists. That should throw you a curve and kill your story. What they are not telling you is that Fremantle owns the company that tabulates the voter calls. Yes, the winner is predetermined by marketability. This is a ratings show people, not a talent show. We are just not smart enough to figure the dupe they think. Stay on the story, demand more facts and watch, they will change direction midstream just to throw you a curve, just ask Alexis. My source, well I am in the biz, anymore info and I would not be. It's about ratings, not talent, remember that. No more embarrassments like Reuben or Jennifer. Change the rules as you need to so that ratings are not affected. Hey they are Numero Uno!!!


Oh man people are so dumb thinking its fixed! Considering Alexis just got booted off it looks like ur source is wrong and in comment of Drews comment i don't know how the phones lines are always busy b/c i pretty much call multiple times w/ in the 2 hours and i've gotten through every single time!


so much for that theory since Alexis went home tonight.


Only genuine and deserving person is Anoop. Most of the others are superficial good actors trying to gain some sympathy. Ofcourse there are some of the judges favs.

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