T.I.: Chris Brown is Cool, Only Human

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Rapper T.I. says he spoke to pal Chris Brown on Monday - one day after the R&B singer, 19, was arrested for assault and making criminal threats.

The upstanding citizen said that Brown - who is currently under investigation for his alleged battery of girlfriend Rihanna, who was reportedly left badly hurt with horrific injuries following their ugly altercation - is doing OK.

Hit Rihanna Style

"Yeah, I spoke to him today," T.I. said on Monday's Last Call With Carson Daly. "He cool, you know. He's still the same Chris."

T.I. told Daly he didn't know the details of Chris Brown and Rihanna's bloody altercation, but had a helpful tip for the star: "This too shall pass."

"We're celebrities, we're entertainers, but we're still human - all of us," he went on. "Don't expect us not to make mistakes, because we will."

NOTE: T.I. is scheduled to begin a year-long prison sentence in March after pleading guilty to possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers.

He was already a convicted felon at the time of the offenses, of course, making the charges even worse. Just the spokesman Chris Brown needs right now.

Chris Brown, who will be arraigned March 5, boarded a private plane leaving L.A. on Monday. Rihanna is expected to leave L.A. soon if she has not already.


some people need to handle they business but if u a dude u should not hit a woman..Hit Me U Getting Your Azz Whoop


did she give him a STD ??????sumthin he cant get rid of cuz thats what i heard... and if she did he should have beat her ass!!!! if she didnt who would have figured he seem like such a nice kid...lol


Rihanna i am on your side ♥ hope you will be okay =)


so anyway nell b and branndy. stfu u stupid poopers. u thinnk chris actually did it. man ur stupid. didnt u read what john matherson said? thats the 100 percent truth. ok get it real!


yo yo yo people. me and my boy were in tha car with lil chrissy at the time and thsat rihanna chick was all yo yo yo chrissy u stupid! and then chris said guys leae the car. so u know i did. and then chriss cameout with a big black eye. and said rihanna attacked him. so we ran. then all of a sudden lil rihanna started flying and spitting fire out of here throat. so u know chris pulled out a brick and hit here in the eye with it. so she fell down and stopped attacking


WTF u people need to chilll out wtf chris brown quoted
" ul see her true colours, believe me" yh so it depends hw rihanna treats him in it y did she hav to get so gobbi with him and chuk his fone shis been going out wiv him she probly noes his tempa but she probly did it by purpose to get him mad so he wud hit her and she can get bludi fame!! but i duno my self for sure!! CHRIS BROWN IS DA BEST SINGA!!
im still der for u lol xx


You all need to mind your business. They are human, No matter what their status is. Of course its in wrong to hit a woman and its wrong to provoke someone but they are still human. Dont Critice


They are human. She is a jealous provoker and he is a woman beater. But they are human. God bless them both.


first to say yes i am a big Chris Brown fan i love this boy from the first time he came out and as i see it he didnt have to do that to her that was real messed up just because he messed up dont mean i will stop like him but he never shouldn't did wat he did!!!!!!!!


I'm really intrigued on what's the real reason why he beat her up. Is it bcoz of competency, a third party or it's just Chris Brown's way of expressing his anger.

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