Miley Cyrus: Sued... for $4 Billion!

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No, that dollar amount in this article's headline is not a misprint.

Miley Cyrus has been sued for more money than even she'll see in this lifetime.

According to TMZ, Lucie J. Kim claims to represent more than one million Asian Pacific Islanders that live in L.A. County. She has filed a class action lawsuit against Cyrus due to her participation in the infamous photo below that depicts Miley and friends slanting their eyes.

Might this photo cost Miley Cyrus... everything?!?

The documents state Cyrus "knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which Cyrus knew focused on her private life, specifically TMZ."

The suit also reads that that each Asian Pacific Islander is entitled to the minimum damages for a civil rights violation: $4,000.

* Our take: Yes, Miley Cyrus can be a hypocrite. She acts like a self-centered, self-important celebrity one moment; and then claims she's "just a kid" the next moment, supposedly unaware of the stir a photo such as the one above would create.

But, come on. $4 billion in damages?!? Even Patty Hewes would say that's unwarranted.


miley cyrus is just racist that stupid girl


She got what she deserved because thats just racist imagine I am Asian too and just be seeing Miley Cyrus do that just makes me sick. Miley Cyrus should just stop doing everything her tv shows her merchandise, her singing, and her fame. What is the point of being famous when no one even likes you Miley Cyrus. If you read this Miley, you should just give you your fame because nearly most of earth hates you...


I'm no fan of Miley Cyrus, but this is just crazy. 4 billion for a little fun? I know she's not the best role model, but 4 billion is not worth this. I think a public appology is fine. Now all the asians are saying its bad cause they want their money.. This is bull S***


This is sooo stupid I make that face all the time, Im not racist. I think the media are just waiting for her to screw up and ruin her image. That Asian lady is crazy, 4 billion dollars for slanting hers eyes. What her happened to having the freedom of expression, even if she is racist which shes not who cares. Little kids make that face all the time what makes it any different for miley? A role model is for others to look up to and the media and crazy asian people need to back the heck off!!!


She is a public role model to children. Joking around is one thing, but this is too far.


GOOD. She deservs to get sured! That might take her FAT head down to size. Hopefully her 'carrer' in singing and acting will go becasue she is getting sued. She's obvoiuly racest becasue she did that. She should go and jump into the grand canyon. The wourld will be a better place with out that 'kid'. And someone like here, is not a 'kid' anymore. shes almost 18. Thats no damn kid!


OMG!!! 4 billion dollars just 4 slanting her eyes?!?! i mean cmon shes just goofing around && all u ppl who r over me that r saying that she should of thought twice well UR WRONGOOO!!! she's just a kid and if u wanna be all mature & smartsy then u should be sued 4 being so ridiculous and just giving her a break i mean , she's lyke soooo goofy && funny in miley and mandy show so just GET OFF HER BACK!!!!she's only a teen & i bet U guys do the same thing! JEEZ get off her back 4 once!!!! PLZZ!


For some reason i think its all fake because miley cyrus isnt in the pic so wats going on why sue her and 4 billion is just a stupid and really dumb amount of money and she is only 16 and everyone makes mistakes. i have a friend that is asian and he doesnt care and also he makes fun of white people too as a joke and i dont care i make fun of white people too with him so really its just stupid


This is just rediculous! Why sue her for something so stupid?!?! Don't you see all the other people there doing the same thing in this picture? I don't see anyone else getting sued! So why sue Miley just because she's famous and she has money and just 'cause her and her friends were goofing off?!! Do you see that the Asian guy in the picture has ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH IT!!!!?? Just get over it!


I really think they should cancel "Hannah Montanna" she's a bad influence.


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