Another Miley Cyrus Photo Flap: Possible Asian Mockery

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From now on, when someone says "Cheeeese," a voice in Miley Cyrus' head should say, "RUN!"

No, the teen icon has not stripped down for any new half-naked photos.

But she has gotten herself mixed up in another picture controversy, this time by striking a pose that some may interpret as being disrespectful of another culture.

In the shot below, Miley is sitting on the lap of boyfriend Justin Gaston. Along with others, she's pulling her eyelids apart, perhaps in a mocking gesture directed at the facial structure of Asians.

Would the photo above be a big deal if Miley Cyrus were a typical 16-year old? Of course not.

Like Michael Phelps and his bong use, however, celebrities - especially those that peddle their image for fortune and fame - are held to a higher standard.

With that in mind, chime in below: Is Miley acting inappropriately in this picture?


@kumar You know, people like YOU disgust me. Seriously, ''asians are pathetic''? That's much worser than what Miley Cyrus has done. Please, people don't be so racist. Not only asians has swinty eyes, but other races has too. That's just so stereotype. For all you people out there who likes to make fun of Asian people, hey, grow up and get a life. So racist.


I'm not Asian so most people will probably think my opinion doesn't count when I say that they're just being silly. If I saw a picture of an Asian person sitting on a throne like red chair with a lit fireplace in the background; a smoking pipe, a cup of tea, maybe a scone to go with it, showing off their lovely bedazzling wooden teeth to the hounds in the backdrop, I wouldn't find it at all offensive. I'd think it was a bit of fun because it's something they could humour about, I'd humour about it with them. You can see the other guys doing it too. If the Asian people beside them were really offended by this I'm sure Miley Cyrus' death would have been in the paper pretty damn quick. BUT BUT BUT, just because I think they're just being silly doesn't mean I don't think that it's acceptable.


I'm Asian and this didn't offend me O.o


So, if Miley Cyrus had blackface on, would she and the rest of her supporters merely pass that off as a "goofy face"? Give me a break. People seem to hold different standards when it comes to Asians. The fact of the matter is that what Miley Cyrus did was racist and indefensible. Period.


You know what, I totally agree with the person who says Asians have no back bones and everything they said in their comment because ITS ALL TRUE! SORRY! But I honestly dont even think Miley Cyrus is worth talking about, or worrying about. Shes just a wannabe whore who thinks that by getting into scandals like this, it will get her attention. And everyone else like idiots just follow her every move! Why should we care about her at all??? It's not like she or anything she does affects any of us at all! SHES JUST A STUPID LITTLE GURL WHO CHACES AFTER ATTENTION AND OLD GUYS!


As an Asian (Indian-American)I can say that Asians are pathetic. They have no backbone and simply live to lick Whitey's bootyhole, hoping to one day be worthy of Whitey's doodoo droppings. Say what you want about blacks and other minorities - but at least they have the social sense to know who is making fun of them and who isn't, and to not take bullshzt from anyone. Asians just take it like dumbazzes and ask for more. Pathetic. If that Asian kid sitting there was black he would've knocked the snot out of those racist white brats - they'd be shztting in their pants before they made fun of him or his race because they'd know they'd be a riot.


i dont think it should be a big deal bcuz if i were to be doing this would it be a big deal, no. but since shes famous and people hav to know everything shes doing her doing this would be a big deal just bcuz shes famous


they are totally stoned. but. who cares? they are just having fun like kids do. and if you say you've never smoked pot or had a drink under age, your a damn liar.




If Asians felt that she is mocking them then all they have to do is not have anything to do with her. Never buy her records or anything that she is selling.


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