Jennifer Aniston 2009 Calendar: On Sale Now!

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Angelina Jolie who?!?

In a new 2009 desktop calendar, Jennifer Aniston shows Brad Pitt, and every warm-blooded male over the age of six months, that she knows how to strike a sexy pose just as well as the woman her ex left her for.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Picture

Drool over the former Friends star below, especially during the month of November...


Prepare those new pair of pants and click on the following Jennifer Aniston shots from this calendar now...

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Excuse me!how many of you know Jennifer Aniston OR Angelina Jolie personally...have you heard from either of them personally, as in FROM THEIR LIPS, about whats been going on in their lives??or how they feel?i think every celebrity needs a theripist, they have magazines spreadind malicious rumours about them(god knows if any of them are true!?!?) and people like you, who don't even know them, talking about them and saying that they're bitches..or psyco...or whatever, you wouldn't like ppl doing this to you if you had lost your husband/cheated with someones husband!it's been and gone, leave them to deal with their issues, for once, alone.


hahahaha you lost your husband to a HOTTIE!!!! you ugly whore... you have a HUGE chin, fat nose, and brad called you a "clingy chain smoker". what could be uglier?? lol, people call you hot because you're famous... don't be fooled; you're an ugly slut....yea congrats.. you're famous... who cares if my bf won't even do you haha... brad's better off with the hottest woman in the WORLD... ow.. does that hurt?


Only Jenifer Aniston's fan buy her calendar. Ugly women alway show off the ugy face




Jenifer aniston never become a talented star.Because shedidn't know how to act. She came from comedy and will be there forever.Ttalentless star but make alot of money. It's unbelievable


Trust me they are here nipples!!!!!!!!!!!!


Casper, do you actually know what you're talking about? I've seen nipples bigger than that on smaller breasted women who have NOT been lactating, etc, etc. As for hard nipples..??? You musn't get out much?!


Apart from hurling insults and whinging at each other, is there anyone who cares to comment on the calendar photos? i.e. the actual shots themselves. Yes, it's Jen, but get over the fact and check out the shots artisticly. of course Jen will be trying various angles and themes, and I think she has done a great job. Kudos to both her and her photographers. I have always thought the world of Jen, good luck to her.


zagge, I think you need a reality check. It is actually the JENNIFER ANISTON fans that are going around hating and calling Angelina names, and their children, names. Now people are attacking Jennifer because they are sick and tired of people attacking Angelina. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Its about time Jen fans shut up and leave Angelina and Brad alone. Angelina fans have moved on, Aniston fans now really need to move on. Its been 4 years.


Why can´t AJ fans stop . Jen has moving on. you are sick how never can let it be. Take some pillers or go to Aj web love Jen and the haters must stop now from both side