The Hills Recap: "Something Has to Change"

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Back to normal. After Sunday night's special airing of "Boys Make Girls Cry" to hype the MTV VMAs, The Hills returned to its normal time slot Monday.

The lead story: Brody Jenner in jail. 


The morning after Frankie Delgado's birthday bash, Lauren Conrad, Stephanie Pratt, and Lo Bosworth tried to track down Brody and Doug Reinhardt and figure out what jail they were taken to - and what happened that sparked their detention.

LC and her posse consider calling places that offer bail, but considering they're in Las Vegas of all places, that's a bit of a wild goose chase.

Just as they become dejected and think there's no way they'll figure it out, Frankie walks into the hotel room with Brody and Doug right behind him. 

Brody Jenner's gal pals weren't so happy with him on The Hills last night.

Turns out that Brody Jenner and Doug Reinhardt got in a fight in the casino and ended up in a holding room right there, on the premises. Not jail.

So, after weeks of hype about Brody in jail, he was not actually in jail. Talk about misleading your audience. That's almost Grey's Anatomy-esque!

Either way, Lauren Conrad was far from pleased, calling them "idiots."

Meanwhile, at Casa de Pratt, Spencer has had enough of Holly Montag.

He wants rid of her hard core. Heidi's sister is staying in his house and taping over his shows on TiVo, walking around in her PJs. Not good.

So what does Spencer Pratt do? Blatantly lie and tell her that not only does he want her to leave, and soon, but Heidi Montag feels that way as well.

Upset, Holly takes off and refuses to answer her sister's calls.

When Heidi gets home from work, she asks Spencer what he said and naturally is rather appalled that he did this. Just when you think Spencer Pratt can not be any more of a d-bag, he manages to raise (lower?) the bar again.

You have to commend the man.

Anyway, Holly later returns to the apartment so that she could talk things out with Heidi, who does admit that her short stay has put a strain on her relationship with Spencer, but also says that she is welcome anytime.

Hopefully Spencer physically throws her stuff on the street next.

Finally, Lauren and Audrina Patridge finally take the first step in healing their friendship, by asking Lauren to sit down and talk face to face.

LC says that she has put out all of the effort and both the girls then admitted that they always felt like they were bothering the other one.

But they agree that while Audrina Patridge and Lo don't get along, it doesn't mean that Audrina and Lauren Conrad still can't be friends.

They cry and hug it out. Hooray!

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Spencer is such a tool. Could any one help Heidi see that she is with the biggest loser I've seen. Has she even asked herself why the loser doesn't even work? These people are so stupid! It just goes to show if you have money you don't need a education.


this good things for lauren and audrina coz even they are hurts each others,but the freindship is totally open...
and good luck for both of you and especially the new begining of friendship....


I love reading this stull = )