The Hills Recap: Boys Make Girls Cry

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MTV sucks.

Sorry, but it's true. First, with no notice, they decide to air a new episode of The Hills as a special, Sunday-night lead-in for the VMAs. Hella weak.

Even worse, though? Plugging the VMAs with a gigantic banner that took up half the screen. And since half The Hills takes place in clubs - necessitating subtitles for the conversations - that banner made them unreadable. Nice work, assclowns.

Lastly, the network spent the entire week promoting an exciting fight that landed Brody Jenner in jail, with Doug Reinhardt in tow. This, of course, was only discussed in the last 12 seconds. Wait 'til next episode again, we suppose!

Eat ass, MTV.

Anyway, from what we could discern, Lauren Conrad and Co. headed to the City of Sin for Frankie Delgado's birthday. For whatever reason, that turned into one huge drama-fest as Brody rode Stephanie Pratt hard the entire time.

We don't mean that in a sexual way. Heavens no. He was just bashing her over and over again for being shady. Brody Jenner either has a huge grudge for some reason, or was prompted by the producers to harp on this. Or both.

At dinner, Stephane Pratt finally confronted Brody Jenner to try to figure out why he told Lauren Conrad not to be friends with her.

He blurted out that she was crazy and even brought up her past problems with drugs and shoplifting. If you missed that mug shot, peep it.

Caught off guard, Stephanie left the table to cry it out. Lauren followed and comforted her - the drama continued at that point, though.

Audrina Patridge showed up with Justin-Bobby (we love how he reappears from time to time with no notice) but refused to say hi to anyone except Frankie. Lauren and Audrina spent the entire night eyeing each other awkwardly.

LC said she was trying to avoid a conversation that could affect her friendship with Audrina as tension lingered thickly in the nightclub air.

Elsewhere, Spencer Pratt was over the top (even by his lofty standards) as Heidi's older sister, Holly Montag, is in the process of moving out to Los Angeles and crashing with them until she found a place of her own.

Spencer actually drove to Heidi's office to complain that Holly was laying around in her pajamas and deleted three of his shows on TiVo. Hilarious.

Even more hilarious was Heidi's response: maybe Spencer Pratt needs to get out of the house more often instead of getting pissed about Tivo.

A fair point.

Finally, back in Vegas, Frankie Delgado informs the pretty girls that Doug Reinhardt and Brody Jenner were in a fight and have landed in jail.




Thanks Sabina & Sanaa


you can watch season 4 of the hills on youtube!


Elle, I dont want the page to get blocked again(it used to be) that is the only reason Im not posting the link..but[nudge nudge wink wink] there are OTHER English speaking MTV's than the US and UK one. I have just watched episode 5 and I cried at the end. Gah, Im such a sad git.


Sabina - tried google straight away - you are teasing us UK fans!!! When tried video won't play it says "Copyrights restrict us from playing this video outside the U.S." oh well, thanks for thinking of us! Not long to go now......


Heidi gave the dog back to Jordan


Audrina seriously needs to get punched in the face. What a little bitch she is. She acts like she is the victim, when she is just an ungrateful little whore. Lauren and Lo have been friends forever. And Lo is lauren's REAL friend, Audrina gets paid to be Laurens friend. I used to feel bad for Audrina becuase she was left out, but she blew the whole situation WAAAAAY out of proportion. I ♥ Lo and her little black heart. She keeps it real and is never fake, unlike Audrina's boobs.


For UK fans of the Hills:
Have you not tried to Google the new episodes of the Hills? You can watch them on the Net alrready now instead of waiting until October!
Enjoy! ;-)


There was an advert last night stating that the Hills starts in the UK on 5th October. Sara - I was wondering that point too (with Heidi's dog) she soooooooooooooo wanted a dog for Xmas - as the ad says "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" maybe they don't show that ad in the USA???


hey so i have this one question thats been going thru my head for days.... what ever happened to the dog that jordan gave heidi first season? like it was always with her then spencer comes along and poof its gone !

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