DMX: Released From Jail, Arrested Again!

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DMX is the best.

The troubled rapper has been arrested so many frickin' times, it's becoming familiar and amusing to him - as well as to The Hollywood Gossip.

When you can't even recall what the man is being charged with because all his arrests blend together after awhile, that's a long ass rap sheet.

But we think this is the deal:

DMX was extradited from Florida yesterday - where he finally pleaded guilty to drug charges - so he could return to his home state of Arizona.

There, he's facing more drug charges and another warrant for his arrest. Yes, we're serious. Anyway, enjoy possibly the best DMX mug shot yet ...

Smiling DMX Mug Shot

Even DMX is amused by DMX's legal brushes at this point.

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i think they did an unfair investigation on this man and should let him out almost all his albums have given me the confidence and strength as a MAN to grow.they should let him out to record more positive hip hop.


hey man whats up!!!i think he like jail....