Adnan Ghalib: I Will Sell a Britney Spears Sex Tape!

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Celebrity news photographer Adnan Ghalib, the ex-boyfriend of Ms. Britney Spears, says he has a sex tape featuring himself and the pop princess.

And the British-born paparazzo, whom Britney was dating during her epic breakdown last winter, says he WILL sell the sex video for the right price.

Return of Brit!

Adnan Ghalib told Heat magazine (which apparently exists):

"There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.”

Adnan Ghalib is reportedly trying to sell his XXX-rated Britney Spears sex tape. A sex tape which he totally doesn't even own, but we'd likely consider watching if he did.

A source tells the UK's The Sun that the two-hour XXX-rated footage features Britney Spears naked, wearing just a pink wig, and was shot in Mexico.

Adnan and Britney snuck off to Mexico together in January, not long before she went bonkers and was hospitalized involuntarily for bipolar disorder.


dude this sucks > you sped up the video and still took that long to do this sorta job i had the same slilks as you in this vid as i did 5 years ago with CS2 or better ~_~


Get over it people! The tape isn't even that good. The quality is bad and the sound is even worse. Its a video camera recording a tv of the original video and the original video is poor quality and so is the tv. Why don't you just go watch real porn.


i love you . toi est belle sanaa


But this ok right britney i need help you know thats ok,you are kool.Thanks britney spears,yeah rights on me.
Britney looked at you are great thanks,for that maybe you shouldnt even say it how you feeling great about britney yeah kool.Britney spears arer you surely about this yeah,yup.


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i think he wont sell that
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Uhh...I think Britney's daddy will sue the living pants off of him if he goes forward with this, especially since she was not in her right mind during that time.


shut up adnan you are a loser!!!go back were you belong...


Britney is not perfect but she obviously
is beautiful enough for perverts' sex tape.


I miss crazy Britney. It might almost be worth watching. (Or perhaps Jive could buy it and make a video out of it?)

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