Tila Tequila Posts Bitter MySpace Poem

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Tila Tequila nude photos.

That's what people expect to see when they visit this vixen's MySpace page. That's how she became famous in the first place.

Suddenly Shy

Earlier this week, however, those visiting the online home of this reality TV star were greeted by the following, bitter poem:

Can't wait for this drama to pass.
Oh the joy…..â€"- you. My â€".
Live a lie.
Tell my mind.
Over soon. I can't deny.
You will all soon see, the truth in my eyes.

Smile on my face, the loving embrace….but instead I'll punch you in the face.
For a long time coming….I let you touch me….now that it's over â€"â€"….You better start running.
Pent up inside….telling these lies….this has gone too far…..the world will soon die.

The words and threats are likely aimed at Kristy Morgan, the winner of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, who proceeded to reject the key to Tila's heart in front of the entire world.

Fortunately for Morgan, Tequila's anger may already be fading. Following the poem, she posted this promise on her MySpace blog:

Only 1 more day. To feel this way. Tomorrow I smile….brings another day!

Hang in there, Tila. Hang in there with all your might!


no I am not an over weight hater, I am a mixed moroccan korean bisexual who TRULEY has liked women for as long as i can remember I am not fat I am slim,18 year old who is a high school graduate and is going to major in literature in college and sociology also I can get almost snybody I want but I choose to stay single...and i hate it wen ppl compare me to you...and being a bisexual..you aren't my type either...I personally dont know you..so i can't judge you..but watching how you are in general...just truley shows what kind of person you are..and to tell you the truth...I have lost complete respect for you...and all the people who want to defend her saying that I am jealous I am not...I dont get jealous over trash...sorry =]


tila, i was really hoping this time you would get the love of your life. don't let the stupid haters get to you, there problem is that they don't get it, the show was about you and your wants. hey i'm a 65 yr old gramma, i like the heck out of you.love your show and all that you do. you keep a smile on , all the haters wish they could be you, bonnie


I think Tila deserves it. Look what she did to Bobby so she could make a shot at love 2. How do you know that this was not all planned so she can make another show??????

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