Gummi Bear: Out of Hibernation, On Probation

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Blake Fielder-Civil, take notice: A minor charge of heroin possession isn't about to keep the legendary Jason Davis (a.k.a. Gummi Bear) down!

The Bear was sentenced to a 36-month drug program after pleading guilty to heroin possession and no contest to DUI today in a Van Nuys court.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

He has to see Beverly Hills counselor and maintain a job for the probation period - which may be a tougher task than you think for Jason Davis.

Gummi Bear: One unemployed, trouble-making ursine being.

The oil heir also can't be in contact with any drugs or associate with those known to use narcotics. Guess that rules out a family reunion.

Too bad, eh, Greasy Bear?


Send him to me I love jason. Although I have no overies, nor uterus I can't bare " gummi bear " babies but we can find someone, hehe I love to dance, have sex, cook and take care of my man. Jason call me ~cj~


I am sure he is a very good person and that he has only tried it one. Too bad his actions speak otherwise. And I cant feel pity for someone who help create his own disease even if his family has a history of addiction. But nearly everyone's family does. He is a leech upon his grandfather's work and the world would be a better place without him.


Agreed. He tried it once and you assholes wont leave him alone


your a fucking idiot actually hes a good person with a disease but you are fucked cause your a moron and thers no help for you its shameful to talk about people u dont even know carmas coming bitch


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Jason Davis Mug Shot
The portly and almost equally annoying brother of Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis, the greatest ursine specimen of them all, Jason "Gummi... More »
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