The portly and almost equally annoying brother of Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis, the greatest ursine specimen of them all, Jason "Gummi...

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Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, a.k.a. Brandon Davis' big brother, a.k.a. the dude on Celebrity Rehab, is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.

The charge stems from his heroin arrest last month.

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Davis got popped in Newport Beach on January 27 and was also charged with being under the influence and possessing drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.

Jason Davis' battles with addiction are well documented.

According to legal documents, Davis was allegedly high on a "Central nervous system stimulant (prescription medication) and narcotic analgesic (painkillers)."

Davis faces up to three years in prison if convicted of all charges, but most likely he won't do any time and will be placed on probation. That's our guess.

After all, Dr. Drew probably has some powerful friends ...

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Jason Davis, famous substance abuser and (apparently failed) Celebrity Rehab cast member, got popped for drug possession in Newport Beach, Calif., last night.

The grandson of Marvin Davis and brother of Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis, J.D. was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. It's not clear which.

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The arrest comes a day after the Celebrity Rehab live reunion show, in which Jason claimed to be clean. Clean cut, maybe, in our latest celebrity mug shot ...

DUMMY BEAR: Jason Davis is being held on $20,000 bail.

Dr. Drew, host of Celebrity Rehab, was disheartened by the news, but tells TMZ that "Jason was honest about struggles with his sobriety on the reunion show."

"Hopefully, now that there are legal conquesces, further treatment will be mandated, which he desperately needs. We care for him deeply and are here for him."

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No, not THE Millionaire Matchmaker. Someone he met on it.

From all appearances it seems as though newly rehabbed oily heir Jason Davis is engaged. That's right, Gummi Bear could be off the market, and permanently!

Jason Davis Mug Shot

Davis and his mystery blond dined at The Ivy in Beverly Hills, Calif., this week, where they showed off his lady friend's ring to friends, which apparently he has.

Perhaps Rould 12 in rehab has really done the "Gummi" good - and his stint on Millionaire Matchmaker did too! Or not, really. We don't know who she is.

Any help on that front would be appreciated.

If you keep up on the developments in the dating life of Jason Davis, you are a better man/woman than us when it comes to celebrity gossip. We applaud that.

Jason Davis and his possible fiancee step out.

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It had been too long since we'd heard from Jason Davis. A little over a year and a half since Gummi Bear last got arrested for DUI, if our memory serves.

Well, the rotund ursine specimen is back in the news because of an appearance on Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker, a dating show for all rich snobs.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

Jason, the brother of the slightly more famous Brandon Davis (Greasy Bear) is the grandson of Marvin Davis, a billionaire who owned 20th Century Fox.

Jason Davis has not been quite so successful. He recently got an eviction notice on his $3,600-a-month Los Angeles apartment for nonpayment of rent.

Now there's a catch. Maybe if it were Billionaire Matchmaker ...

The Gummi one has also been at the center of controversy for his issues with heroin and for getting negged at the front door of clubs. It's how he rolls.

Suffice it to say, Millionaire Matchmaker has jumped the shark.

"They must be desperate," a source told the New York Post of Davis' recent casting. For his part, he could not care less. It's hard out there for a bear.

"Tell fans and haters they are all welcome to join me at Capitol City Hollywood to view the episode," he said of his appearance on Patti Stanger's show.

She's got her work cut out for her. Who you date this man?

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Blake Fielder-Civil, take notice: A minor charge of heroin possession isn't about to keep the legendary Jason Davis (a.k.a. Gummi Bear) down!

The Bear was sentenced to a 36-month drug program after pleading guilty to heroin possession and no contest to DUI today in a Van Nuys court.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

He has to see Beverly Hills counselor and maintain a job for the probation period - which may be a tougher task than you think for Jason Davis.

Gummi Bear: One unemployed, trouble-making ursine being.

The oil heir also can't be in contact with any drugs or associate with those known to use narcotics. Guess that rules out a family reunion.

Too bad, eh, Greasy Bear?

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Hey, even the celebrity gossip world's greatest ursine specimen has to hibernate sometime. He also has to go clubbing, though.

Witness the other night. Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, looked like he was asleep 15 minutes before arriving at the hot club Ivy.

The result: A celebrity hairstyle you don't want to emulate ...

Jason Davis Bed Head

Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, rocks the trendy bed head look.

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When sleazy and/or obese ursine specimens collide, look out, people!

Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, had zero problem ratting out his brother Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, as a coke fiend to a drug dealer who called up looking for money ... except the guy wasn't really a drug dealer.

Trouble for Brandon Davis

It was a celebrity prank call - and the whole thing was recorded.

Jason and Brandon Davis: Such brotherly love.

During the phone call, Jason Davis cops to trying blow "once or twice" (he was busted for heroin possession fairly recently) and said it's really his brother who "does that stuff." Brandon Davis will surely love that.

Gummi Bear even gave the faux dealer Greasy's phone number. Sellout!

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Bouncing here, there and everywhere, it's.... Gummi Bear!! 

Entering a plea in court after being arrested for drug possession and DUI in early March, Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, is in the clear for now.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

But the enormous ursine being was dogged by different accusations as he left the building - those involving his racist, homophobic brother.

We're talking about Greasy Bear, a.k.a. Brandon Davis, and his tirade last week against celebrity news photographers in which he went ballistic.

Not surprisingly, Jason Davis had little to say on that matter.

Jason Davis: Such an upstanding, clean-cut citizen.

A slim (well, at least by his standards) Gummi Bear will be back in court May 12, when the results of a blood test taken the day of his arrest will be ready.

The glasses and lack of pink hair certainly don't hurt Jason Davis' case, but they probably won't help too much. Fool was allegedly on heroin.

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Following his arrest, the L.A. District Attorney has just charged Jason Davis - a.k.a. Gummi Bear - with felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor driving under the influence. The controlled substance in question - heroin!

Heroin, Gummi Bear? Really? He might have just moved passed Britney Spears in our office Death Pool. Amy Winehouse is still the most popular choice.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

Just another photo of Jason Davis. Gross. Ack! Barf. Have some respect for yourself, man. Ali Larter naked can pull off the whipped-cream look. Not Gummi Bear.

Davis was popped by LAPD on Ventura Blvd. in Van Nuys last Friday. Police sources told TMZ at the time of the arrest that the substance in question was cocaine, but it turns out it was even worse. What goes on inside the mind of the Gummi?

We've suggested a government public service announcement to educate kids on the dangers of drug use. Poster boy extraordinaire: Jason Davis.

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The powers that be in the U.S. government could save a lot of money by simply slapping this photo on cigarette packs and all drug prevention literature.

You shouldn't smoke or do drugs, teenage celebrity gossip readers.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

We say this not because we care, although it is in our best interest to keep you alive and reading celebrity news at The Hollywood Gossip.

No, our point is that you probably don't want to become this...

The great Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, represents all the things that are right with America - obesity, drug use, lung cancer, publicity hogging and freeloading.

Celebrities shouldn't be role models,  but some are certainly better than others. We'd recommend modeling yourself after George Clooney, for example, instead of Gummi Bear. Just let the image above burn itself into your brain. Let it linger.

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