Nick Bollea to Remain Solitarily Confined

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On Monday, former WWE star Hulk Hogan essentially asked a judge: "What'cha gonna do when we ask that my son gets released from solitary confinement of you?!?!"

In a three-sentence order, though, Philip J. Federico denied the motion by attorneys for Nick Bollea, one that claimed the confinement was "cruel and unusual punishment."

"Had there been a need for such arguments, a hearing would have been scheduled," court public information officer Ron Stuart said, according to The St. Petersburg Times.

As a result, Nick Bollea is still housed in solitary at Pinellas County Jail because as a minor he can't be released into the adult population. Needless to say, the young man isn't enjoying his time alone.

Attorneys say he's spending 16 to 17 hours a day in the maximum-security cell, where his food is delivered through a slot in the door, causing him "unbearable anxiety." Bollea requested a transfer to monitored home confinement or the minimum-security area.

Do you feel sorry for Bollea? Or is he getting what he deserves for driving recklessly?


I dont think that Nick should have gone to jail for this.
He didnt do this on purpose. It was an accident, and I am
sure that Nick didnt intend to do this. Solitary confinement
for what????? Thats crazy. Good luck Nick with your life.


He needs to spend AT LEAST one year in jail. That is what happens when you do negligent things, we should all be aware of our DECISIONS.


nick needs to stop smoking pot i have emailed nick and he told me how he smokes pot and that his parents dont know i smoke but i can stii drive wit out hurting anybody that includes myself


Wow. Apparently no one remembers doing stupid things and making bad choices when they were 17.


People in hollywood forget where they came from, or how they got their money and thats from us.. regular joe's. Some are born with a silver spoon in their hand. They have to be taught the ways of regular joe's Because they have money does not mean they are exempt from prosecution or even death. They are still regular joe's with money.


this is a spoiled little boy who thinks he is above the law just because of who his daddy is .he got off so easy it is not the saying goes if you do the crime you do the time. he is a spolied littlle titty baby that will end up some day doing some hard time somewhere in prison and really being the bitch if you know what i mean


No matter what Drinking and driving is very dumb and stupid.. Public Highway's are not race tracks There way too many people driving on them at the given speed limit and all the Law's posted on sign's.. If you want to drive fast, The race track is the proper place to do this, Sure not a public highway.. He is right when he need's to be and I think he should be in the top few people for The Gomer Pyle of the Year Award... It's very lucky there was no more people injuryed or killed over that stupid stunt that kid pulled... I race car's for over 17 year's and I have yet been in any accidents that I got more than a few scratch's on me or the other driver WE RACE AT THE RACE TRACK !!!!!!! NOT THE PUBLIC STREET"S All I can say That sure a Gomer Pyle Dumb stunt of the year from Nick... It's Time to pay for it now...


He should di his time like every normal person does. no acceptions. the trouble with these rich kids is they think because their parents are well known and have MONEY they should get off. Like GLA wrote. DO THE CRIME DO THE TIME!!!!


His BAC was .05 % hours after the the math. Drunk Drivers need to rot in jail. Nick Bollea is a reckless drunk driver who destroyed another person's life. Whatever punishment he gets is not enough. Thanks Hulk Hogan, you really did a great parenting job. You're no tough guy in my book, just another in a long list of disgraceful entertainers


This spoiled 'kid' needs this wake up call big time. He has been ticketed other times for this type of driving. When he gets out then he should start community service at a mental and physical rehabilation center. Maybe then he'll figure out what can happen when you're irresponsible and stupid.

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