Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: Engaged! Again!

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After famously calling off her engagement to Spencer Pratt last year, Heidi Montag has revealed, for the first time, that she's changed her mind.

That's right.

The plastic surgery-loving, duck-lipped bimbo is having second thoughts about having second thoughts and plans on marrying slimy Spencer after all.

"I'm ready to marry Spencer," the 21-year-old star said.

"He's my soulmate."

What changed with The Hills couple? Spencer convinced Heidi Montag to plan a wedding again during a secret make-or-break getaway to Mexico.

Guess it went well. Now Heidi and Spencer are ready to walk down the aisle again, after a year of great publicity and ratings for The Hills.

"Heidi read me biblical passages like 'Honor thy wife,'" says Pratt.

More like 'honor thy checkbook.' Jackasses. Hopefully Spencer can afford more than that $300 fake-ass diamond ring he bought last time.


LMAO it's hilarious! the one eppy you could see just HOW much her parents couldn't stand him. She's an idiot who's being used by him and more power to him. He's the 2K version of a pimp and she be his ho.


What is Heidi thinking? I can't beleive she is even still with Spencer. He never thinks about what she wants or how she feels. It's all about what he wants. How can you let a guy treat you like that Heid? Lauren knew he was bad news from the begining. I don't blame Lauren for not being friends with Heidi anymore. If she rather marry a guy like that she has more problems than she knows.


OMG this girl is so dumb, if this weeding actually takes place they'll be divorced in less than a year, HEIDI THE GUY IS MORE IN LOVE WITH HIMSELF THAN HE IS WITH YOU, YOU DUMB BIMBO


We've all asked WHY? But you know, with all the drugs these kids are doing these days..guess who their fans are? You have to be on drugs to waste time or money buying and watching anything related to these hollywhores. And the bitch is still ugly. She could have spent that money and followed Madonna over to buy a kid.


WHY is this person on so many magazine covers? I honestly do not get it. Yes, there are celebrities that are just famous for being famous & then there are the ones that have actually done something to be famous... where does she fit in? I don't know why she is famous & she certainly has done NOTHING to justify her fame... so again I ask WHY?


why you stressed out over her plastic surgery, when almost every female on tv or movies, and women who aren't anybody have breast implants nowdays? And her lips are not as bad as Jessica Simpsons, or Meg Ryans, or the list goes on and on.
so what?

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