Heidi Montag Has a Fake Diamond (and Relationship)

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Heidi Montag, The Hills' media whore extraordinaire, got some serious bling from Spencer Pratt on the season premiere of the hit MTV series.

But it looks like that crap-tastic rock is even more fake than some of Heidi and Spencer's conversations, according to sources.

As you may have seen, Mr. Big Shot asked to borrow his pal Brody Jenner's credit card (he refused) to buy the engagement ring.

Hmm. Must have been a slow week with no bikini photos to stage and sell.

In any event, Heidi's engagement ring was purchased from the Ice Accessory store at a mall in Brentwood.

Spencer picked out what looked like a pink diamond surrounded by diamonds, even stating arrogantly that J. Lo and Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, had identical rings.

Yet despite Spencer Pratt's statement that he should get a "a GPS device" for the ring in case Heidi lost it, the thing is apparently a knockoff. Really.

Apparently the "pink diamond" is really just a lavender, lemon amethyst! A nice birthstone, sure. But many times cheaper than the engagement rings even middle-class, working, celebrity news-writing stiffs fork over for their fiancees. Nice work, ass clown.

The ring retails for $2,890. Not exactly chump change, but definitely a little low-rent for someone who walks around acting like some high roller. Wouldn't you say?

No wonder he tore up the receipt. And didn't actually propose to her, just sorta handed her the damn thing... which she has never only been seen wearing like once.

After everything Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag two pull, it's impossibly to take them seriously. So why not dress them up as a pimp and ho, as Celebrity Babylon did!


Heidi is an AIRHEAD, Spencer is a LOSER and I feel sorry for Lauren!


Heidi is an air head, Spencer is a loser and I feel sorry for Lauren!


What a Joke!!!! Spencer, you obviously dont love your lady................... you, Heidy and that ring are all alike..............fake!!!! if i was given this ring though....i would be happy..........WHAT AM I SAYING.......ALL LADIES LOVE AND WANT.............DIAMONDS...NOT ZIRCONIA..... Get a life Spencer..


I need all of yall to shut up and be nice to heidi and spencer.
Heidi's ring is real. And there money doesn't even come from The Hills. so before yall start saying all of this, get your shit straight. Then come talk to me about it. Spencer and Heidi's relationship is not fake, and when they argue they are making their relationship stronger. It is a real ring, and it's beautiful. And Spencer does have a life. Before yall start talking, I want yall to take a walk in their shoes. Yall have no clue how much it costs, where he got it, if it is real or fake,or if their relationship is fake. Yall are just jealous of heidi because she is gorgeous. You know what who cares if she got plastic surgery, I sure don't. She's a nice person. Yall have no clue what it is like to be famous, none of the stuff that is on the internet is real. They should be the only ones that know how much it costs. Thank you.


y by 1 reel ring when u can save mony with fake 1 an she not going no the diff


yes, i watch the hills, and yes, i'm into hollywood gossip and such, but really people - who cares if what they have is fake. let them do their own thing. i honestly don't see how their lives affect the whole world. i'm pretty sure a lot more people than just them have been in some sort of fake relationship, whether it be with a significant other or a friend.


okay . this is simple . it took me all of 10 minutes to find the ring Spencer bought Heidi and it was actually $300 . I mean we all know that he doesn't do anything for a living so why pretend like he can afford an almost $3000 ring . he is so dumb . everything about the both of them is either exaggerated or an all out lie . simple as that .


i totally agree wit angel i mean i was soo mad when he ripped up the reciet he prolly knew that heidi would find out it was fake and try to return it for A better one stupid spencer and lauren was only being a good friend she wood have never did somthing like that to heidi i can't believe that she posted that video of lauren and jason lauren told her that in condfedince that she woodn't tell anyone!!!!i HATE heidi RITE NOW!!!


This article was copied almost directly from TMZ.com and you even include a link...why don't you just save the plagiarism and tell everyone to go to the real article.


spencer and heidi's relationship is a big fake.spencer dont even know how to pick a good store to buy a ring for heidi.it only took him 10 sec.to pick and buy that ring.i dont believe that the ring cost $2,890,it probably cost like 100 dollar.P.S,heidi ur brainwash i agree with lauren and u could maybe just spend ur boob and nose job money by picking a expensive ring and pretty in a real ring store for ur engagement ring.

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