Crack is a Losing Game For Amy Winehouse

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She's an undisputed singing and songwriting talent whose song "Love Is A Losing Game" is the latest to garner praise from critics and peers.

But for Amy Winehouse, being a hard-ass druggie is clearly a losing game as well - and she's got the ravaged, devastated skin to prove it.

A Beacon of Health

Check out Amy's face after the jump. WARNING: What you are about to see may disturb you. At the very least, we suggest you not eat first.

The singer was photographed out in England this week, and while it is good that she was surprisingly clothed, her thick make-up could not hide some hideous, heavily scabbed skin on the side of her face. WTF is that?!

A shadow of her once-attractive self, the wife of Blake Fielder-Civil looks like a stint in jail might be better for her than ... whatever you call her current existence. She may not make it until the end of 2008.

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Where is the compassion for this woman. Wanting her to hurry up and die and making fun of someone who is very ill. I hope that all of you people will pray to god and ask for his forgiveness. Praying for Amy would be a good thing too. Everyone in this world is not perfect and how would you like it if people treated you the same way when you are down and out. Amy needs help and I hope she gets the treatment she needs to recover because she is a great singer who still has a future out there waiting for her. I will pray for her and her family. No one has a heart these days and it is so sad.


I wish she'd just hurry up and die.


So this is the bird you pulled in Japan then, aye arron ;-)


Urgh hideous, she has a decent grasp of the grammar of the Queen's English though so Eighthours probably would. If he gets his novel done. Aye.


Could Winehouse infect homeowners with AIDS?!


I'd forgotten about the "Is it a PC game?" meme.


Why's she dressed up for Halloween in the middle of Spring?


You are all anti-semetic racists. You make me sick. :(


So THAT'S who Two Face really is.


Aaron likes My Chemical Romance