Got (Heidi)Wood? Montag Clothing Line Racks Up Sales

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The Hills are alive with the sound of cash registers.

Unlike Victoria Beckham's dVb collection - which is now on the sale rack at Loehmann's - Heidi Montag's clothing line Heidiwood has completely sold out at the Robertson Blvd. boutique Kitson.

Mya Fashion Choice

Memo to Posh Spice: Guess it's easier to sell crappy $40 jeans than crappy $250 ones. Drop the price of dVb offerings by, say, $200 and try again! Then maybe you can be in the same league as Heidi Montag!

NOTE: We can't believe we just wrote that, either.

Sadly for those of you seeking to wear Heidi Montag-inspired clothes right this minute, Kitson won't be getting a new shipment of Heidi's line until the summer or fall collection comes out.





I actually LOL at Heidi...She is fake (literally) and she puts up with Spencer (who is ugly and looks like a woolibooger when unshaven). Who in their right mind would buy her clothes? She is the worst dressed person on The Hills to begin with...So why would we take fashion advice from her?


I can't believe that you actually think people are going to WANT wo wear your clothes! You portray yourself terribly on the Hills. You are "one of those girls" who lets their boyfriend completely brain wash them and run their life, and you want to be a role model for females...haha...ya right! Personaly I would never wear your line and I know that none of my friends would either. We use to look up to you, and now...your just another "dumb girl" who let a man come between her and her girls. If you learn one thing in come and go, but best friends who tell you the honest truth no matter what it is is the greatest gift you will ever have.

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