Happy Birthday, Casey Aldridge!

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The Hollywood Gossip would like to take a moment to wish a happy birthday to its favorite unwed teenage baby-daddy, Casey Aldridge!

Just 25 days ago, his girlfriend/fiancee, Jamie Lynn Spears, had a birthday of her own. For Casey Aldridge, this timing was critical.

Because Jamie Lynn turned 17 on April 4, and Casey turns 19 today, he's not quite two years older than she. That means Casey can't be charged for statutorily raping Jamie Lynn under Louisiana state law.

Talk about a sweet b-day gift!!

Casey Aldridge, who's expecting his first of what will probably be many children with the fertile Jamie Lynn Spears on July 10, turns 19 today. Hooray!

Despite his sudden notoriety, and lack of interest in safe sex, Aldridge does seem focused on the right things now at least. As Jamie Lynn's baby bump continues to grow, her profile has done the reverse - she and Casey have been laying low in small-town Louisiana, shopping at Wal-Mart and stuff. Good man, Case.

Sure, they'll cash in on selling the baby photos to OK! Magazine, but other than that, don't look for these two to flaunt their fame and exploit their kid for money.

Not for at least a couple of months anyway.

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