Heidi Montag: Look! I Have a Fashion Line Too! Me, Me!

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Heidi Montag wants to be Lauren Conrad so badly, it's depressing.

Yet it's extremely entertaining celebrity gossip for our staff to cover!

Just days after LC's clothing line, the Lauren Conrad Collection, made its Fashion Week debut with success, Heidi Montag is announcing that her own label, called Heidiwood, will hit Anchor Blue stores nationwide in April!

Yes, Heidiwood. Whether that's a play on Montag's first name and Hollywood, or a term for what Spencer Pratt wakes up with each morning, we can't say.

In any case, Montag is plenty confident her duds â€" dresses, tops, jeans, bags and jewelry, all priced at less than $60 â€" have the edge.

"Lauren's line is not necessarily something I would wear," Montag tells Us Weekly, which has some hot photos of Heidi in her gear ...


"[Lauren] is trying a high-fashion thing, but it's a little overpriced," says the cute, but fake-breasted and fake-nosed star of The Hills.

"Mine is fun and flirty for the everyday woman. Most people can't afford $200 for one dress."

Heidi Montag also insists - these be fightin' words - that she's a more legit fashionista than her former fashion-school classmate.

"When we were in school, I was the designer, and [Lauren Conrad] was in, like, product development," she snipes.

Conrad has yet to publicly critique Heidi's clothing line, focusing instead on the launch of her collection this week at L.A.'s Fashion Week.

"The theme is Paris," the beautiful, not-plastic-surgery-obsessed 22-year-old said. "I designed the whole line after I went there."


Okay you say that Lauren's clothes are expensive because of the fabric, I don't agree and so does a lot of other fans, you can buy a shirt from Lauren Conrad Collection for $100 and then turn around and buy that same shirt from Kimora Lee Simmons Baby Phat Collection with the same fabric or better for $30 and the way gas prices are these days I don't want to be paying $100 for a shirt when I can pay less and no one else will know rather you paid $150 for one pair of jeans or you paid $40, unless you're going to walk around with a sign on you back, and that comes from me and I can afford to buy a shirt for $100 but everyone else can not, so I will love to buy Heidi clothes and those of you who don't like her clothes you only saw two examples give her a chance.


heidie is a small, petite girl. but look at those pictures, if you are also a small petite girl with small petite breasts.. they would never fit into those ugly dresses those pictures show. those dresses shes showing HAVE got to be smalls, but look at the breast size... you won't fit into the clothes if you're breasts aren't big like hers


Lauren's clothes are expensive because of the fabric, she said so herself the fabric is really good and it is not cheap so you know her clothes will last a good while. Heidi is a fake and wants to do anything to get people to look at her because she's jealous of lauren, its obvious.
heidi's aren't even orginal and i'm sure they are cheap but just remember you get what you pay for.
she needs to stop talking about lauren in every single interview she does, she volunteerly brings up lauren she is such a hater


OK yes Heidi's line is cheaper than LCs but they are NOT orginal at ALL the purple dress, HELLO Mariah Carey wore it, ALL of Heidi's clothes are unorignal! Besides a few items I havent seen LCs clothes anywhere else, LCs clothes are unique I would rather pay for LCs clothes than Heidi's crap


Who really cares what these two Z list stars do. Their designs are nothing original, they are copying dresses and tops that have been in the shops for the last ten years. There is something seriously wrong with society when we have people who have made it famous off the back of a reality show. Heidi 200.00 dollars is a lot of money to some people, try and live in the real world for awhile.


I think that this is ridiculous. Heidi needs to stop trying to be a wannabe Lauren. She is totally making herself look like an ass.


Oh my god... why is she digging at Laurens clothing line!!!!! Get over yourself Heidi!!!!


I agree with D From the valley, I don't know why you people have to be so hateful towards Heidi. I think she is a talented person! Give the Heidi and Lauren fight that happened a year ago a REST! geeezzzz


I think all these girls should stop hating on Heidi. She is a pretty girl who had a fight with a friend, build a bridge and get over it, kick rocks and dont look back!!!! She has never done anything to hurt anyone commenting on this blog!! Go on Heidi love, sing, and design!!


heidi what is wrong with you. why can't you leave lauren's name out of your mouth. you are irrelevant. and you should stop believing gossip you hear about lauren saying stuff about you, focus on yourself

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