Ask Dr. Spencer: Pratt Given Own Advice Column

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The Hills' Spencer Pratt, a man never known for keeping his thoughts to himself when it comes to... well, anything, has a new avenue for expression.

The boyfriend of Heidi Montag and the reality TV villain America loves to hate was reportedly given his own advice column by Radar Magazine.

Dogging It

"Spencer is never afraid to speak his mind," says Radar editor Maer Roshan.

"When asking for advice, it's always good to have someone who will be brutally honest with you, and tell it like it is."

The name of this scintillating Spencer Pratt advice column will reportedly be "YO SPENCER!" We're serious. We wish we were kidding.

It will debut in Radar's April issue, which hits newsstands Tuesday, March 25, a day after The Hills returns will eight all-new episodes.

We just hope that Spencer Pratt's arch-nemesis and his former BFF, Brody Jenner, writes in and asks for some advice about Cora Skinner.


spencer is a little shit that needs his ass kicked, so you may be famous and have more money doesn't make you better, He also does not know what a born again christian is


hahahahaha Spencer is a wannbe brainwashing pimp. advice isn't his forte and Radar should just pay him to stay away.


Come on now, give me a break! I can not believe that anybody would take advice from that idiot!! What's this world coming to?


oops selfish


whats he going to do teach others how to be selfis morons?

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