Heidi Montag Fashion Line to Debut in Spring

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Man, we were just starting to think that the drama between Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad was dying down on The Hills. Just kidding. We so weren't.

In any case, Heidi has followed in the footsteps of her former BFF and come out with her very own clothing line! At a recent event for the clothing chain Anchor Blue in Los Angeles, Heidi confirmed her new project to People, saying:

"It's going to be called Heidiwood, and I'm so excited! It's going to be very price oriented. I want all my fans to be able to buy it. I want to bring that fashionable clothing line down to a price range where people can actually afford it."

Heidi Montag will debut her own clothing line next year.

Hmm. Could that be a shot at the Lauren Conrad fashion line, which features many items over $100? You can't help but read into everything she says.

And what does Heidi Montag expect from the line, which launches next spring, when compared to the line of clothing launched by her co-star on The Hills?

"I want to do some cute spring dresses, some little flowy summer dresses, some fun things for girls. The [Lauren Conrad] fashion line is more bows and a little girlier, mine's going to be more sexy and fun. I think they can both do well. They're very different. So good luck to her. I'm not doing this to compete."

Okay, well, we've got to give credit to H-Mont on being diplomatic there. But is there room in the land of The Hills for two fashion designers? You tell us.


heidi says that her line is cheap and affordable, why? because she uses cheap material, her line itself looks cheap. Laurens is heaps hot, i'd pay for it becasue its worth paying for. if heidi's line looked like lauren or was desgned with the same amount of time like laurens then id consider it


Heidi and Spencer need to be kissing Lauren ass!!! Because if it wasn't for Lauren, Heidi wouldn't be anything!! Heidi will still be a fashion school drop out im sure she wouldnt have got that job at bolthouse. With a big nose and no breast!


one day i want to be like having an empire that is worth 100 million$


I like heidi!!! I do like lauren to but she is more of a bitch and kinda snobby. Actually really snobby. Haha yay heidi!


Laurens clothing line may be pricier but your paying for quality. Heidi's line on the other hand is terribly made. See for yourself


Heidi is so corrupted, if you watch Season 1 of The Hills you could tell she was a dumb girl who just wanted to have fun, still I liked her better then. I wish the public wouldn't pay so much attention to her, but what are you gonna do?


first n for most im sorry but heidi sucks.....big times!!!seriously wut were her n spenser's dumbass thinking filming that video anyway..she cant even sing at all....she needs to get over it!!i love lauren,shes real as can be n she damn well knows wut it is she wants in life!!*GO LAUREN*


Well, aleast Lauren isn't a sult like yours. Also, Lauren's is a good friend unlike you why would she want to be you friend if you act the way you do now?


I think heidi is awsome screw lauren i look forward to her clothing line im sure it is going to be much better then laurens because she obviously has more style and sience she isnt a bitch like lauren at least her clothing line will have love


well, i think lauren is so much prettier and may have more background or experience on fashion. But then again many of us consider the price when we shop...just give it up heidi. do something different.


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