Brad Womack Faces America, Two Ladies He Rejected

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The Hollywood Gossip has been blowing up with people weighing in on Brad Womack and his shocking no-decision on the season finale of The Bachelor.

Last night, Brad faced the music in the form of both Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas, as well as all of America, to answer questions on his inactions.

Despite feeling "misled" by Brad Womack, Jenni Croft said she's disappointed in how Womack did the same to DeAnna Pappas, especially giving her a ray of hope just as he dropped the "but" and broker her heart. Nice one, Brad.

Jenni Croft says Brad should have given someone a chance, even in the form of dating. DeAnna Pappas still seems confused, angry... and into Womack.

Brad Womack then arrives to a mix of applause and boos. He says that he made his decision because he didn't want to make false promises to the girls.

Jenni Croft, Brad Womack
DeAnna Pappas, Brad Womack

Neither Jenni Croft (left) or DeAnna Pappas did it for Brad Womack.

We learn that Brad actually asked the network fly DeAnna Pappas' father out for the final ceremony, so Brad could ask for her hand in marriage - but his gut told him something was wrong when he went to buy the ring!

Jenni Croft rips Brad Womack for not at least giving either woman a chance and he says it "hurts deeply" to have Jenni lose respect for him.

Brad says to DeAnna that he thinks about her every single day, and it sounds like maybe he might be going to throw us for yet another loop by taking her back!

DeAnna hints that she would accept such a chance... and Womack replies that he's "very confident" in his decision, crushing her once again.

DeAnna Pappas can't hold back and cries to Womack, telling him that "[You're] the one person that I trusted most out of all of this, and you broke my heart."

Brad Womack's response: "I thought I was taking the high road." But was he?


Mmmm, Brad, Hubba Hubba!


I love u brad!




Braidcus Womackus!


Way to go man!


Why would this hunk, need to come on a show to meet a wife? Think about it. Brad came on that show because he is a small business man, and wanted FREE advertisement, When I am in Texas, I think I would now go to his bar. Again, look at this hunk, he has that look like Brad Pitt. Viewers, this was Womacks plan from the beginning.


He is gay. no wonder he dumped all women. maybe find a man would be helpful. I married with my love Male for 14 years. try that.


I think everyone needs to get a life. Brad did what he needed to do. If you want to do it right and be married just one time in your life you need to know you made the right choice. Why would he want to end up like the rest of the couples who felt pressured and then break up in a few week after the show. I have been married for 13 yrs and I have 6 kids. I made the choice to be married one time. I am the only person in my family (brothers, sister, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) that hasn't been devoriced. I plan on keeping it that way. This is a big choice to make and I think he made the right one. There is no reason people should be made at him, he has the option to be true to himself and not fall for all the pressure everyone is putting on him.


I think Brad wanted a spot on television. He is afterall a business man; leaving the college path to make his fortune. Now he's got a shoe in on the national television circuit. Made it in business and now he has increased his options if he has some film opportunities instead of going down as "married." It would be too safe. You watch, now we are going to see him in commercials or daytime television. Pretty smart move when you think about it. Narcissists find their way.


Brad is a phoney liar. Period. His behavior doesn't add up. He led them on making all kinds of stupid statements about his "deep" feelings, and attraction... what bull-kaa-kaa. This guys is a major loser to be behaving that way at 34 yrs. old.

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