Jan Adams Sort of Breaks Silence on Donda West Case

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Dr. Jan Adams, the Los Angeles plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West's mother, Donda West, one day before she passed away, has kind of broken his silence and spoken to People about the events surrounding West's death.

The full interview with Jan Adams can be found in the latest issue of the magazine, which hits newsstands Friday. Only excerpts are available now.

Although he refused to speak on the actual cause of death "out of respect" for her, Adams denies that the surgery on Donda West was rushed.

"I find that offensive and sort of unfair," says Adams, who had a warrant out for his arrest before showing up in court for another unrelated case last week. "I'm thorough and I do my job well."

Several people might take issue with that statement. But as for his LONG, LONG list of legal problems and malpractice suits, Adams seems unworried.

"When people say 'plastic surgery' they think of me," he says. "These suits don't represent bad plastic surgery, but a bad decision in terms of choice of patient."

Does that when we think of bad driving, and think of Britney Spears, it doesn't mean bad driving, but rather a bad decision in terms of choice of driver?

In any case, Adams was also supposed to appear on Larry King Live this week but bailed at the last second at the urging of the West family, TMZ reports.

Jan Adams appeared after the show's first commercial break, at which point he politely told King he would not speak: "I came to talk about things in the press that aren't accurate about me. But I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for the West family and they've asked me not to go on."

Later, Alan Tenenbaum, an attorney for Dr. Adams, explained that he received a letter from attorneys representing the West family, asking him not to appear.

Jan Adams shows up on Larry King Live... then bolts. 

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