Andy Garcia Honors His Niece's Boyfriend, Sean Taylor

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Andy Garcia is paying tribute to slain NFL star Sean Taylor, who died this week after being shot inside his Florida home during an apparent break-in.

The actor's niece, Jackie Garcia, was the girlfriend of the Redskins safety and was
there Monday night when they heard loud noises inside Taylor's home.

Jackie Garcia hid in the couple's bedroom with their 18-month-old daughter, also named Jackie, while Sean Taylor, 24, went to investigate the break-in.

The intruder fired at least two shots, one of which struck Sean Taylor in the groin. The assailant then fled as Taylor stumbled back to the bedroom and Jackie Garcia called 911 on her cellphone. The phone lines to Taylor's home had been cut.

Andy Garcia's niece was with Sean Taylor on the fateful night.

"His heroic action on that tragic night saved both of their lives and is a testament to his humanity and courage," Andy Garcia, the star of Ocean's Thirteen, said in a statement to the Miami Herald. "His spirit will live forever, in our hearts and through the legacy of his achievements and the family he leaves behind."

Jackie Garcia and Sean Taylor were high school sweethearts at South Florida's Gulliver Preparatory School and attended the University of Miami together.

"Sean Taylor as known to many as an extraordinary athlete and unquestionable teammate," Andy Garcia, 51, added. "To those of us who had the good fortune to count him as a member of our extended family, we will always remember him as a caring and loving individual."

The Miami-Dade police director said Wednesday that authorities have "no reason to think this was anything other than a burglary or a robbery."

There are no suspects in the murder of Sean Taylor, who died at the hospital after suffering major blood loss and brain damage as a result of the shooting.


To everyone who wants to protect Jackie y'all are really stupid!! Everyone in miami and around miami knows her ass is guilty!! This bitch set sean up!! You know this is hard for me to write this because this bitch is my sister (by blood) and everyone in our family knows she's guilty including me our brother and our parents! Also his so called daughter was not his! Also our family's money was/is not hers and our family had disowned her ass since his death she only limited contacted with our uncle andy and his family but other then that that's it! Also she's a bi sexual and has been all of her life and was always into women more then men. And the story in the media of them being together since high school was/ is a lie too bc he only dated my sister for only 2 yrs in high school and then he broke up with her bc she cheated on him with her now wife and married shae for his money! And the lil girl was by another guy not by sean!! So stop defending this stupid bitch who is my sister bc she's a murderer that got away with sean's death! He's was like a brother to me and was one of my bestfriends and he hadn't talk to her in years. She told the media that they were together for 7 years and that his daughter was his but that was/is a lie! She is a whore and lier!


Man sean taylor rip baby n 4get wut anybody thinks he is gone now plz let him rest yo,,,n I no his girl had nuttin 2 do wit it n if she did who is yall 2 judge if dats da case yall so worried go get paid 2 b n da jury wen it goes dwn,, yall so simple up here.. Jus pray 4 da family n expecially da baby n da baby momma

@ sheba frm norfolk va

Bitch you dont even know this bitch for you to be defending the ho! Just because that nasty bitch didn't physically attack sean doesn't mean that ho wasn't involved! I know this for a fact because my bestfriend in a relationship with Sean and was the one who was engaged to him at the time of his death not his now ex baby mother! They weren't even together at the time of his death like it was reported! He only dated her for a year and a half in high school and then broke up with that bitch! That ho cheated on him with another female. This bitch is bi and was in a relationship with the girl that she cheated on him with while they were together in high school for that one year and a half! my bestie is Cuban as well and everyone around Sean knows that she's a ho and a slut! Sean was my male bestie and I'm from Miami fl born and raised! I also went to high school and college with the both of them! I knew Sean since I was a child that's how long we've been friends and we even dated briefly! The only reason why his now ex baby mother was mentioned in the media as either his girlfriend or his fiancée which this ho wasnt either or is because in our culture (im half Cuban half black and I don't look like I'm mixed with black at all) if you have sex and get pregnant before you are married you can be disowned by your family wheather you come from money or not! Even though this ho comes from money which wasn't even her money that didn't impress Sean at all and the bitch was/is stuck up! I can't stand her because this ho was/ is nothing but drama, that's the side the media didn't show of this dumb broad at all when the ho was all up in the media when he was murdered! So of course stupid people like you would feel sorry for this dumb ho! Bitch get a life and hop off that dumb ho's pussy bitch!!!


We all have our thoughts based on facts or mere instincts. Sometimes the best instinct discovers what the naked eye will miss. It can not be understated that a person was killed, but there is too much conflicting information even if you do your research. Was there a thin line of love and hate, or a cover up for someone in the background. In due time speculations will be laid to rest, but I have an instinct that something is not right with Jackie in thie whole equation.


Those comments that were made were pretty ignorant and just mean. It was obvious by those who spoke at his funeral that he was well liked, loved and respected by his community, team, and family. He played football all his life, and this is not something easy...It takes dedication & hard work, and people just wanna come along & take that away. I agree with the comment from the Dr. Carrington..."work for your own stuff!"
Additionally, rich or poor, people shouldn't criticize someone who has died...period!!


Your comments is what totally does not make sense. Do you ever ask yourself what you would do in this situation? I guess not everyone is as smart as you to put security into your household. Do you know what neighborhood he lived in? Do you know if the neighborhood was upscale or just another 'ghetto' hood. Let's be honest here, the first thing you jump to into your remarkable opinion is how stupid others are. Maybe this kind of even should happen to you with your loved ones around---how would you react if you only had a machete around. It would be a different case if Sean Taylor was waving a gun in the household--would that be the better solution? keep a gun in the household. I seriously think you all should shut your mouths and think of more important issues that's important all of us Americans alike.


HOw would she gain from his death? How about, the blood heir to his money is her son. Also, I think some people are putting the fact that this "should not happen to anyone" argument as justification for berating the first two commentors. Whether or not someone should be killed (obviously the answer is not) really doesn't play into why the murder occurred. Something is going to come out regarding this case because all of the murders are on suicide watch right now. Usually means something is being covered up that they don't want to speak about.

@ Garreth

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To Wondering too, How would Ms. Garcia gain from his death? She was not married to him so legally she wouldn't gain anything. And you don't know the stipulations of his will or if he even had one. So, I'm wondering what you're talking about.

@ JustWondering

You are stupid as shit too bitch! That bitch had everything to gain from his death! Let me tell you all something in my culture because I'm a Latina too (a light skin puerto rican) if you have sex and get pregnant and your not married you can be cut off from your family money or not! Jackie knew this and this is why that bitch lied about being engaged to Sean and say that lil Jackie was Sean's! Everyone around the both of them knows that they werent dating, engaged, or that lil Jackie wasn't even his! She is a known lier and a ho! Also he had a will that was not made known to the public and she wasn't in the will but was put on his life insurance policy by Sean when he first got drafted by the tedskins! What this ho didnt know was that he took her off of his insurance policy a year before he was murdered and thought that she would get his money when he died! That bitch didn't get shit! I don't feel sorry for that dumb ho at all! They dated for a year in high school and then he left her sorry ass! We've dated for 7 and half years and was engaged at the time of his death! She was jealous of me because Im way more attractive then her! That's way she lied about them being together and having a child together she knew she was going to be cut off from her family so the bitch had to lie and say they were together since high school and her daughter was his! Get hell off of that nasty bitch's pussy and go suck it bitch!! Get a life!!!


My son playes for the NFL. He and his wife had a break-in at there Metro Atlanta home. It angers me that he, Sean Taylor and so many others worked hard to acheive there goals and other people come along to kill, steal and distroy. What ever happen to working for your own stuff!


yes, he reacted in the moment by instincts only. Looking back in hindsight does not change anything. the only thing that mattered is he wanted to survive and protect his family. Now everyone needs to forgive their judgments and those who killed him and move on rather than hold resentments which help no one. I think sean would like forgiveness to happen for everyone. After all he is in a good place now.


I to have two daughters and never felt so close to sean in that aspect. My thoughts and prayers go out to the taylor and garcia family, jackie stay strong.

@ kenny

You are stupid your thoughts and prayers should go out to the Taylor family not the Garcia family nor should u have said stay strong Jackie cuz that bitch is weak anyaway and is the reason that Sean's dead!! Everyone in and around miami knows that stupid ho was/is responsible for his death and that ho got away with his death!! Get a life!!

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