Tameka Foster and Usher: Walking, Talking, Laughing... Loving

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They read the celebrity gossip reports. They're aware of the negative press.

But Usher and Tameka Foster don't seem to care about what others think; they're just focused on how they feel about one another.

Tameka Foster and Usher

"Ours is not a typical love story, but it is a true one," Usher tells Essence magazine for its November issue. "Tameka and I have been fortunate enough to go through the thick of it in the beginning. We've had that opportunity to huddle up as a team, to make sure that we're clear and speak as one voice."

Usher and Foster were married August 4 in a ceremony in Atlanta, following the cancellation of a more lavish event in the Hamptons... and enduring speculation about their commitment to each other and the support they were getting from their families.

As People reports, the expecting couple were stunned by these reactions.

"It was like, wow," says Usher, who turned 29 on Sunday. "[Getting married] and having a child is something that everyone should celebrate. What's happened to us as a culture and a people?"

We don't know, Usher Raymond. We don't know.

But does appear as though society is more interested in Lindsay Lohan nude pictures or Lauren Conrad dating partners than true love. It's sad.


I am very happy for these two, but where have I been, I am just finding out, Usher you have my blessings. When a man findeth a wife, he findeth a good thing. Now there will be good days and those other days, in those times peace be still, and that too shall pass, don't jump to any conclusions, that hurts when you do, be good to each other even if you don't agree with each other, respect each others minds, and walk in life, remember every one has a right to how they feel and what they think, try not to cotrol and talk about everything, communicate and about sex, like all ladies some days we want it more than others, some days don't touch me, repspect it. Spoil your selfs go to chruch, pray together and you will live long. You have my blessings, now go and glow and grow. Trying to keep it simple, and have babies. peace out.




me cant understand wah mek one young man laka you want wid a warf rat laka she wah done hab 3 picknie one whole 2 man one she ex wah done ride she out and a dat a wah you pick up and married too talll brada somthing wrong wid you any way walk fast and tek care


You talk about what happen to our people and culture, what about your people and culture when Tameka was hookery dickery on her husband with you no morals set in...however as Bob Marley would say what a man soweth so shall he reap...she wants a pimper's paradise and that's what she gets from you


Tameka Foster cheats on her ex-husband with you..look out what goes around comes around only harder..hope you have a good prenup and you took DNA.


Usher, what happened is that we your fans want more for you. We watch objectively and see trainwrecks which drivers can't. You are starting one and we care too much to leave you alone and not say something.

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