In Full Bloom: Orlando and Miranda Kerr

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Leave it to Orlando Bloom to knock Tony Romo and Sophia Bush off the entertainment news front pages.

How has this mediocre actor with a sexy accent done it? By getting serious with Australian model Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr in Thong

"They've been friends for a long time," a source told Us Weekly. "But they only decided to give it a go a few weeks back."

On ­October 18, Bloom attended the Victoria's Secret Phi Beta Pink party in Beverly Hills in order to support Kerr.

An insider said the couple also embarked on a romantic getaway to East Hampton, New York, on October 4 and 5.

A witness who spotted these two at dinner during that trip said: "Miranda's very into him!"

Sounds like Ben Lyons and Whitney Port have some serious competition for hottest new couple in Hollywood.


Orlando Bloom is so hot i mean way to hot for marianda kerr. that little bitch should go out with someone els Mr.bloom is to good for her!!!


Who are you calling mediocre. Obviously you haven't seen him in a good movie/ maybe you have been looking in the mirror to much. Orlando Bloom is a very hot young actor. Maybe you should look for a new job. You are not very good at the one you have now


how could he have been in the hamptons and mexico at the same time? hmmm.

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