Friday Night Naked Lights: Adrianne Palicki Sort of Nude

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Actress Adrianne Palicki stars on the acclaimed TV series Friday Night Lights... and in the fantasies of many young male viewers afterwards.

Well, she would, if anyone watched the show. You, reading this celebrity gossip site: you really should check it out. Seriously. Tivo or tape it if you have to.

Why? It's fantastic. And Adrianne Palicki is only one of several hotties on this show! There's also Minka Kelly, who you just want to take home and ...

Anyway. Long before Adrianne Palicki showed off her acting chops on Friday Night Lights, she was in a less successful, short-lived show on USA called South Beach, which also starred Vanessa Williams. It wasn't exactly good.

But it did feature Adrianne Palicki nude. Or at least partially naked. It's hard to tell. But check out the photos of her below, from the olden days (2006) ...

Adrianne Palicki Naked
Adrianne Palicki Nude

Adrianne Palicki naked, or darn close, in "South Beach." As for the other girl, we have no idea who that. Just some girl in a bikini whose acting career didn't take.

You can see Palicki - albeit with more clothing on - every Friday night on Friday Night Lights at 9 p.m. on NBC. Even without Adrianne, the small-town football drama is worth checking out. But she certainly heats it up.


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