Hot Celebrity Gossip: Tony Romo and Sophia Bush are Dating

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We're young. We're fine. Let's do some damage.
- Brooke Davis

This One Tree Hill quote was uttered by Sophia Bush. She was playing a character on the series when she spouted it, of course, but we can now imagine her sharing a similar notion with Tony Romo.

That's right, folks, the actress and the Dallas Cowboys quarterback are rumored to be Hollywood's hottest new couple.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Bush and Romo dined together at N9NE Steakhouse following Dallas' triumph over Minnesota Sunday night. This would go along with stories that Romo's ex-girlfriend, Carrie Underwood, is currently dating Chace Crawford.

Sophia Bush has chosen to date Tony Romo instead of co-star Kevin Federline. Is she making the right call?

As for Bush, she was supposedly with actor Jon Foster as recently as August, but Hollywood romances move faster than Romo in the pocket these days. It's possible they've broken up.

Meanwhile, Romo's Cowboys were defeated by Tom Brady's Patriots two weeks ago. And while Sophia is very attractive, we'd have to give Brady another victory in any girlfriend comparison.

He is getting it on with Gisele Bundchen, after all.


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i love tony romo he is my idol and i would do anything for him but they should not date i just dont ee it and i want him to be happy.


i love sophia but can someone tell me what happened to her and jon they were cute


Sophia is 100x more beautiful than Gisele. That goes without saying


Sophia Bush is very pretty and talented. Gisele looks like a "butter face" meaning everything looks good but her face. She isn't that great.


Sophia bush over gisele any day.

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