More On the Josh McRoberts-Lauren Conrad Rumors

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A few more of you have written in regarding the identity of Lauren Conrad's newest accessory (boy), as our staff tries to determine if he is, in fact, former Duke University basketball standout and current Portland Trail Blazers forward Josh McRoberts.

It's looking more like it could be the case... but it's still a mystery.

See the picture of Josh McRoberts below (left), sent to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively below by a reader. Compare it to the recent photo (right) of Lauren Conrad from last week. The Hills star is holding hands with a mystery man - who many of you believe is McRoberts. There's definitely a resemblance... but we still can't say for sure.

Can any of you provide further proof? Does anyone out there know how (and if) he and Lauren Conrad are together? What's he doing in L.A.? Any info you can provide us is much appreciated! Leave a comment on this post or use our Contact Us form.


um she better not be seeing someone i want her to be with brody


ok Josh Mcroberts is about 6'10 .. Lauren Conrad is about 5'5 .. 5'6 .. that is definetly him .. stop denying it to urselves .. its him .. and since hes in the NBA making atleast 800,000 a year since hes on the team .. and an early 2nd round pick .. she CANT DO MUCH better .. haha


thats definately josh mcroberts. if you saw him in the summer league in the nba he had grown that beard and thats obviously him with the height


haha im a life-long duke fan, and while i HATE j-mc for leaving when, after two yrs, he was still softer than the pillsbury dough-boy, and more of a crapshoot than he lottery, i must say that i think the pic on the left is DEF him, and the right one MAY be him. but that chick on the left pic is NT LC. Anyway, i hope he and that jason guy fight haha oh, and as a Dukie, if LC starts wearing Duke gear i will probably have to kill myself


ha.. funny,,she is wearing one of the dresses from her new collection coming out..
she wears the same one a little while later when shes promoting the hillson Mtv.


I'm a huge fan of Josh McRoberts and that is the same guy. Just search his name in webshots or on the web you'll find tons of pictures of him.


ha, ha, bet he would not even start, he should have stayed at duke and tryed to get your dollars up for a higher draft spot.


That is Josh McRoberts. Josh probably told her he would get to see her alot during the season, since he's gonna be in the IR list all season due to his lack of skills, HAHA


she's kinda nasty. . .he can do a lot better GO BLAZERS!


that is definately him. i went to hs with him. he's my friend and the rumors are true.

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