Fashion Face-Off: Stacy Keibler vs. Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson may start getting tired soon.

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    F.Y.I. Kelly the 1980's called thay wont thar look back and by the way Stacy is a million time's hotter then you can ever wish to be.


    You know, whoever called me an "idiot" and a "homo" is obviously a stupid and shallow individual, with no life outside of the internet whatsoever, and only judges people they see online by their looks, nothing more. Whoever you are, you need to realize that there is a life AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD AND MONITOR, and that the CHARACTER and INTELLIGENCE of a person are infinitely more important than the mere outside of the shell. If you're not willing to understand that, though, just shut the hell up, crawl off somewhere, and die.


    Jeremy Bosco is a huge idiot and doesn't know what he is talking about.


    @FRAZER: Stacy Keibler IS all-natural, so to imply that she's had any work done is completely wrong.

    @RACHAEL: Stacy is NOT a "stick." She's naturally slim, and considering she stands 5'11" and weighs about 135, she's at a normal, healthy weight for her height. Looks can be deceiving, so think, look into things, and actually have the proof before you comment.

    @AMBER: Who the hell do you think you are, insinuating that Stacy parties, gets drunk, starves herself, and pops pills, when NONE OF THAT is true? Just like I mentioned to RACHAEL, unless you can prove anything you say, especially when you're bashing someone you obviously don't know a damn thing about, I suggest you shut your stupid mouth, because you just sound like a total retard making claims like that, that you sure as hell can't back up.


    I think that Kelly is better as Kelly doesn't party her ass off and gets herself drunk, and she doesn't starve herself or take pills to get thinner. She's natural in such a pleasant way!


    I think that kelly looks better becasue she proves that a girl does not haveto be stick thin to look good just because kelly isn't like a stick there is no right to call her a fat pig !!!!!!!!


    Stacy is way better in it than kelly it just doesn suit her like it does stacy


    stacy looks WAY better... kelly look like a fat ass!


    Kelly totally rules the other one out! she looks so much more natural!


    kelly so cool. she is os much better than whoever that is. kelly rox. i am a huge fan of hers and she looks so much better than whoever that other person does. KELLY U ROK MY SOX! lol

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