American Idol Eye Candy: Kelly Clarkson vs. Carrie Underwood

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Before a new American Idol gets crowned in two weeks, we have a pressing question:

Who is your favorite American Idol winner of all-time?

Carrie on Idol

We'll assume that Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks aren't even in the running. And, remember, Chris Daughtry and Clay Aiken didn't actually win their respective seasons.

So this leaves two options for fans of the FOX reality show: original Idol victor, Kelly Clarkson? Or season four's champion, Carrie Underwood?

Each has picked up Grammy Awards, although only Underwood has picked up an All-Pro NFL quarterback. It's a close call.

Perhaps fans will want to wait for the new Kelly Clarkson album to come out in July before making a decision. But if you have a preference right now, let us know.

And, yes, we wish Katharine McPhee had won last year, too. Go blame The Soul Patrol for that one.

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Carrie has nothing on Kelly. Asians does not know her that much and her music does not received much airplay only for "Jesus Takes The Wheel" (that was in 2005)...Kelly is a versatile singer, she can sing anything. Carrie sold only more albums than her because her voice seems to be very friendly to a lot of people and I know that most of people can sing like her but Kelly Clarkson is inimitable...She has powerful lungs even Jeff Beck (legendary guitarist)quoted her: "Her soulful voice needs attention."


i say carrie i love her she is way better then taylor swift


Micahel what the hell. And Kelly has mentioned that she is doing pilates and yoga. It's her fuckin' life and can she do whatever she wants. But the girl is normal, far from obese. People who have ran into lately says she is tiny not fat at all.


DUH, KELLY! Carrie is nowhere as great as Kelly, she sells many albums and wins awards because she only sings country music and therefore has less competition. Plus, I don't like her voice that much and all her songs sound the same. Kelly's range is larger and she has a higher octave. She is an international superstar, just look at how many albums she's sold and 60% of her fans are outside the US, but all Carrie fans are Americans.


carrie kelly had more time. carrie already has like 66 awards and is catching up


I'm going with Kelly..... everyone I know doesn't really like Country music that much....... so yeah.


I'm with kelly not carrie...


I bet Kelly..she rocks on..Go Kelly.


Kelly vs carrie? first of all I bet kelly..kelly is the original idol 4ever...Carrie is not hitting the right notes....kelly makes the judges happy because of her high beam voice..sorry 4 carrie fans..All kelly fans well go 4 kelly..


Kelly is my idol 4ever......go.kelly..not carrie.