Suri Cruise: The Halloween Dress-up Game

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After chronicling the life and times of Suri Cruise for like, ever, we're excited to see what the little Asian cutie will be going as for her first Halloween.

As we talked about a few weeks ago, there are certainly a ton of spooky costume options out there. But we don't feel those are up Suri's alley. Going as a starving Kate Bosworth, while topical and not unfunny, is probably too scary for a little tyke.

Disney Princess

We came across a fun website, however, where you can dress up TomKat's spawn in a variety of costumes. Follow the link and make your own! Here's what we came up with:

Not sure which is our favorite among the ones we made. Probably the one on the right, in which Suri is naked except for a grass skirt. A little risque, but what's Halloween without pushing the envelope? We also think Katie Holmes' daughter makes a good alien freak, but that's just us

Regardless, it's fun for the whole family. Unless you believe in Scientology, of course, in which case you probably think Halloween is sacrilegious and $h!t.

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jsy freacks that's all i can say any one who would do such pictures for an innocent little baby is defenetly a freack i mean my god she's just a little kid . give them a breack the dad is obviously a very loving and caring dad . the mother is just a sweetie she's amazing and frankly she's just awsome and loving . the baby is the most beautiful and pretty and adorable baby i've ever seen in my life so why don't you just give them a break and piss off it's not your buisness what religion that believe in so why don't you stop hurting people and doing horrible stuff like this cauz you know people don't like it


suri is so so cute and i dont think that people should all over her all of the time she is only young and she is so not ready to be famouse she has her whole life ahead of her i would be nice for the paperaziiiis to leave her alone ........................xxxx