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We all know Yara Zaya as a fashionista and a total knockout who’s unafraid to speak her mind on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance.

But years before she and Jovi crossed paths, she made another reality TV appearance.

Yara Zaya vs Jovi Dufren in New Orleans
Photo via TLC

Yara’s Instagram photos only date back to 2015, which was admittedly still a huge time to sign up for Instagram.

But everyone has a history, and 90 Day Fiance is a massive reality TV phenomenon. Of course fans are going to dig up the stars’ pasts.

Cyber-sleuths uncovered a startling revelation — that Yara was previously on reality TV as a teenager.

Jovi Dufren Hears Whispers

Check out the video that we have accompanying this post to see Yara, whose real name is Yaraslava Zalohina, in the past.

(Many, many 90 Day Fiance stars use stage names when they go on reality television, and it’s not a bad idea)

Fashion To The People is not an English-speaking reality show, but fortunately, this clip comes equipped with subtitles.

"My name is Yaraslava, I’m 19 years old. I’m a big party girl," she begins in the 7-year-old clip.

"I love nightclubs very much," she raves. "I also love rich men, foreigners preferably…"

Yara then confesses: "It’s very hard for me to believe in love, I don’t know."

19-year-old Yara explains: "At first I think it’s love but in fact it turns out to be just sympathy for a person and it fades very quickly."

"Usually I meet foreigners when I walk down Khreshchatyk street, for example, it happens very often…" she describes.

Yara then assesses: "It seems to me that they are, I don’t know, better, more intelligent than Ukranian men."

Yara Zaya at the Beach

At one point on the show, Yara suggested how far she would go in order to secure a wealthy foreigner for a husband.

Then 19, she claimed that she would accept being beaten with a rod as punishment if she could land a millionaire.

Given her tone, she may have been joking in response to an awkward statement.

Jovi and Yara for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

Toxic and alarming though that may sound, she was 19 … and this is, after all, reality television.

The same may apply to the appalling and misinformed Islamophobic statements.

Islamophobia is rampant in Europe as it is in the US (and in some places, more so), but we hope that Yara has learned a lot since that 2013 TV appearance.

Jovi Dufren prepares Yara Zaya for the bayou

There’s no "reality TV court" where reality shows that have their finger on the scale too much have to hang their heads in shame or are stripped of their "reality" labels.

We have no idea how much Fashion To The People may have goaded stars into making outlandish statements or straight-up handed them lines to say.

Regardless, since she wasn’t saying anyting harmful about other people, most of us are hopefully not too bent out of shape over what a 19-year-old said in 2013.

Yara Zaya - not so much tasty

Another remarkable thing about the video is Yara’s appearance.

Obviously, 19 is still in the midst of puberty. People can and do change a lot, both in their physical appearance and in how they style themselves, between 19 and 25 (Yara’s age when Season 8 was filmed).

But fans are speculating that she had some sort of work done, possibly on her nose in particular. If so, more power to her — everyone deserves to look exactly as they wish.

Naturally, this prior reality TV revelation has made fans question Yara’s "intentions" for getting onto the show.

Here’s the thing — every single person on 90 Day Fiance, with the sole exception of children, signed up to appear on television.

Angela Deem had multiple (dramatic and trashy) appearances before she landed 90 Day Fiance. No one does the show and craves anonymity.

Yara Zaya - Jovi is from the swamp

Fans are also asking about her intentions towards Jovi given her (scripted or not) statements about wanting to find a wealthy foreign man.

He clearly does well for himself at his job — for which he travels the world repairing underwater pipelines — but he’s not giving us millionaire vibes.

If Yara were in this for Jovi’s money, she could probably do better. And given her wardrobe, it looks like she’s been able to afford her high maintenance lifestyle in ways that perhaps she hadn’t imagined at 19.