Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira CLASH on 90 Day Bares All

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We now know the initial cast of stars featured on 90 Day: Strikes Back, 17 days before its premiere on Discovery+ in January.

In this sneak peek of the newest spinoff, Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira face off after their season, and they both have a lot to say.

Brittany Banks vs Yazan Abo Horira on 90 Day Bares All sp

90 Day: Bares All is hosted by Shaun Robinson, a familiar face to fans who watch her every year on the Tell All specials.

The new series offers fans a chance to learn more about the stars, including what went on behind the scenes, off-screen, and after production wrapped.

In this preview clip for the show, which premieres on January 4, 2021, we see Brittany and Yazan squaring off.

Shaun Robinson IG 90 Day Fiance Bares All

Now, when we left them off on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Brittany and Yazan were still a couple.

Brittany had needed to leave Jordan as the country went into pandemic lockdown, and Yazan escorted her to the airport to catch her flight.

Many months later, it has been clear for some time that these two are over. Now, we hope to learn why exactly they broke up.

90 Day Bares All graphic

So the format is basically like a 1 v 1 Tell All special.

Shaun speaks to both stars, Brittany and Yazan, remotely. They are obviously tuning in from different locations.

Yazan is most comfortable speaking Arabic, but unsung hero Adam -- who translated in person on their season -- is back to help convey Yazan's words.

Yazan Abo Horira - I became blinded by love

“The problem is that I reached a point that, I became blinded by love," Yazan complains to the camera.

"I mean," he insists, "I could not realize that she is really lying to me."

In the sneak peek, Yazan continues, claiming: "she is taking advantage of me."

Shaun Robinson on Discovery+

Apparently, Yazan eventually decided that Brittany's personal history -- which she was open about in the very first episode -- was a dealbreaker.

“She was dating older guys," he notes.

Yazan continues: "Someone sent my father her [social media] accounts.”

Adam translates on 90 Day Bares All

Brittany can be seen rolling her eyes as the translator offers up Yazan's side of things.

Among other things, Yazan's family somehow came to believe -- or at least gossip about the idea -- that Brittany was "a porn actress."

But while Yazan likes to portray himself as lovesick and deceived, Brittany is quick to note that there are major holes in his story.

Brittany Banks on Discovery+

Brittany can be heard asking Yazan why he told her upon their initial meetings that his parents enjoy her music video.

He also tells her at that time that his parents had seen her on social media.

Yazan says that Brittany was lying ... at which point Brittany whips out the receipts.

Brittany Banks hears herself badmouthed in another language

In the texts, Yazan tells Brittany that his aunt saw her Instagram and thought that she was very beautiful.

That flies in the face of the idea that Brittany was hiding part of herself from him and his family.

His extended family may have only come to know things about Brittany later, but that's not on Brittany.

Yazan Abo Horira - he started asking about social media

Brittany finally revealed what her father has already told the world -- the allegation that Yazan cheated on her "several times.

"That doesn't fly with me," she chides.

Brittany goes on to call Yazan a "little toxic manipulator."

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