Wish and Mimi Shibre Call Ariela Weinberg "Evil" on Last Night in Ethiopia

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Ariela Weinberg has never really seen eye-to-eye with Wish and Mimi, Biniyam Shibre's sisters.

She has tried.

They have tried.

But no matter how much effort either side seems to put in, they cannot stand one another.

The Shibre sisters seem to believe that Ariela will repeat Biniyam's ex's behaviors, leaving him without a famiy.

In turn, Ariela feels bullied, excluded, and reached out to only enough for it to sting that much more when they turn on her.

Ari and Bini's last night in Ethiopia was no different.

A short while before they boarded the plane, a possible miscommunication by Bini left his sisters more convinced than ever that Ariela is "evil."

Time will not heal these wounds. Not by itself.

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