Wendy Williams Victim-Blames Iggy Azalea for Photo Leak: It's YOUR Fault!

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Over the weekend, some monster leaked Iggy Azalea's topless photos and the rapper has vowed to press charges against the culprit.

Wendy Williams is speaking out in condemnation of Iggy herself.

Apparently, Wendy doesn't think it's a big deal, and says that Iggy has only herself to blame.

Wendy Williams on Iggy Azalea leak

"What's she complaining about?" Wendy asks her audience. "She looks great."

That was, of course, never the point, but Wendy decides to burden her audience with details on Iggy's nudes.

"I'll describe: she's got giant, pink areolas," Wendy overshares, noting: "There are a lot of men who love that."

Wendy just barely stops herself from going into further detail about what men love about nipples, so we really dodged a bullet, there.

"She's got active nipples," Wendy adds, using a very strange phrase to say that Iggy's nips were hard.

She then goes on to praise Iggy's figure. This is all ... totally beside the point.

Iggy Azalea, No Bra

"She took the pictures," Wendy continues. "She said that she had seen a lot of actresses pose toplss over the years."

"So," she says. "One of the pictures, where she was topless, she has her hands over her boobs."

Wendy then describes how Iggy eventually bared her breasts after becoming comfortable with the photographers.

The naked photos were supposed to have been deleted, Wendy explains, but were not.

Instead, they surfaced. The photographer and GQ Australia have condemned whoever stole and leaked the images.

THE Wendy Williams

"We didn't see any private area," Wendy asks, then having a back-and-forth with one of the show's producers.

She's clearly playing word games, because breasts are not genitals.

(For the record, the producer seemed less willing to suggest that the nude leaks were no big deal, but Wendy then dismissed his opinion)

Breasts are not genitals, but they're a private area unless the body-owner chooses to share them with the world.

And that's the point of all of this -- that this happened without Iggy's consent.


After saying her piece, Iggy deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts to shut out the haters and the sexual harassment.

"I think it's a pretty smart idea for her to delete her social media," Wendy praises.

She explains: "Only because the comments are the worst."

"But just because you delete yours," Wendy notes. "Doesn't mean that you've deleted ..."

She then lists a number of outlets, on social media and on independent sites, that preserve social media posts and provide commentary.

Wendy Williams Breaks Down

"I think it's everyone's fault that this happened to you, Iggy," Wendy says.

"Number one," she begins. "It's your fault, Iggy. You and you alone."

She thinks that Iggy has too many "yes people" around her who weren't telling her what they needed to know.

Wendy also lays the blame on the photographer using a somewhat convoluted comparison between cameras and her microphone.

But the idea that she's blaming Iggy here is absurd ... yet oh-so-typical for Wendy.

Iggy Azalea Being Conservative

Wendy suggests that this could help her career, and that maybe this is all some sort of publicity stunt. Ugh.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Wendy would be singing a different tune if it were her nudes that leaked.

(And we of course hope that this does not happen! We don't want to see anyone naked without their consent)

The issue isn't Iggy's figure or how appealing various men find a creepily detailed description of her nip nops.

It's about photos being leaked without her approval.

The truth is that Wendy knows this -- but she thought it would be more entertaining to give Iggy a hard time.

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