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Dozens of people were indicted and arrested this week, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, over a nationwide college admission scam.

Naturally, television talk show villain Wendy Williams was eager to weigh in.

She thinks that the cheating parents are just the tip of the iceberg — and wants to see the teens locked up, too!

"The rest of us struggle while the rich continue to take advantage of us," Wendy laments before her cheering audience.

Wendy Williams has an estimated net worth of around $60 million.

"Lock em’ all up!" Wendy demands.

"It’s disgusting," she says. "Horrible."

Wendy is positively gleeful over the undignified arrest of the women and the fact that they could face considerable prison sentences.

Schadenfreude is a major component of Wendy’s brand, so that is no surprise.

Lori Loughlin, Daughter

Wendy goes over the extent of the scandal, which includes dozens of individuals.

While the two most famous women arrested are actresses, it looks like a lot of these folks were CEOs.

The public has not yet seen any evidence that most of the children involved knew about the conspiracy.

But Wendy has a theory.

She believes that the teens whose parents took this step must have known what their parents were up to and been in on it.

She says that after the parents are tried, their children should be next.

Olivia Jade Photo

"Lori Loughlin," Wendy notes. "She and her husband are the worst of the lot so far."

"Full House, what’s going to happen to Fuller House? Do you cancel the show because she’s a liar?" she asks, adding: "I wouldn’t mind!"

"I mean, this is terrible," she observes. "Felicity Huffman is the lesser of the two evils, so they say…"

"Who’s going to be friends with these liars now?" she asks. "Who’s going to be friends with their kids?"

Hopeful that the children will be arrested, Wendy warns: "… For you kids who were cheating and lying, get ready."

Felicity Huffman Pic

Despite considering Felicity’s crime of "fixing" an exam score to be lesser than Lori passing her daughter off as an athlete, Wendy revels in her arrest.

Felicity was arrested early in the morning while her children and husband were home.

Often, wealthy or otherwise privileged individuals charged with non-violent offenses can simply turn themselves in to police.

In this case, it is clear that the FBI wanted to make an example of those whom they arrested.

An early morning arrest at one’s home is undignified, frightening, and embarrassing.

As you can hear in her voice, Wendy is absolutely delighted to see Felicity Huffman in such a situation.

Wendy Williams is Back!
(Wendy Williams)

Wendy speculates that the younger of Felicity and William H. Macy’s children asked to not be included in this scheme.

All that we really know is that Felicity allegedly made arrangements to "fix" an exam for her younger daughter but then backed out of that.

That younger daughter is very academically oriented and determined.

It may be that Felicity concluded that her younger daughter wouldn’t need any help passing a college entrance exam or any other kind of test.

There is no indication that one of the teens is more ethical than the other.

Honestly, on top of everything else, we wonder how so many of these kids feel knowing that their parents didn’t think that they could cut it on their own.