Watch This Woman Crash Through the Ceiling of a Mexican Restaurant, Because Who Doesn't Wanna See That

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We don't need to tell you that bathroom access is a vitally important part of any Mexican restaurant experience.

Often, those who occupy precious stall space for too long are forced to endure a sort of walk of shame of sorts.


Customers, when departing that precious space, may be subjected to glares of disapproval from fellow patrons, their bowels straining under the pressure of a hastily-consumed 3-pound enchilada.

Fortunately, a woman at the Sabroso! Mexican Grill in Garden Grove, Calif., seems to have figured out a clever workaround to avoid such problems.

Either that, or we're trying to hard to put a positive spin on a story about someone who's mentally ill/on drugs/both.

Anyway, the story, as first reported by Reddit user Japangie, goes something like this:

Ceiling Fall

A woman who entered the bathroom at Sabroso! didn't come out for a very long time, and eventually, someone somehow determined that she had made her way into the ceiling.

Don't even ask. If we knew why, we would tell you.

According to Japangie, the first sign of trouble was “debris falling from an area outside the restroom.”

“The staff was telling us we might want to move from our table because they thought someone had climbed into the ceiling,” she adds.

As you may have guessed, it didn't end well.

Ceiling Fail

Before long aspring Spider-Man came crashing through the ceiling in dramatic fashion, shocking onlookers in the process.

Imagine just trying to have a good time and wolf down some nachos and some lady just landing on your plate. Brutal.

We may never know her motives, but whatever the case, this moment in time serves as further proof of two things in life:

1. Bathrooms in Mexican restaurants are overwhelmingly dangerous places.

2. Viral fame is always just one bad decision away.

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