Tyler Baltierra: Dad-Shamed for Endangering Daughter's Life!

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First, mom-shamers went after Catelynn Lowell for no longer breastfeeding baby Vaeda.

Now, it's dad-shamers, and they're taking aim at Tyler Baltierra.

Did he really recklessly risk the life of his four-year-old daughter, Nova?

Tyler Baltierra speaks (header)

The backlash started because of what went down on this week's Teen Mom OG.

As you can see in the clip that we have included in this post, Tyler was making dinner.

Not just any dinner, but tacos (gosh, just writing that makes me want tacos).

While Catelynn is looking after Vaeda, who is so so tiny, Nova is hanging out while her dad cooks the ground beef.

The issue that the parent-shamers have is with where Nova was seated.

Novalee Reign on the counter

Rather than being seated on her stool or simply standing near her father, Nova is perched on the countertop.

She's there to help Tyler with the food, which is adorable.

And we should point out that she's keeping a safe distance from the stovetop -- avoiding potential burns from splatter.

Unfortunately, four-year-olds are not always the most experienced at navigating the world. That's fair -- they're four.

Nova moves forward and then slips, spinning around and landing on the hard kitchen floor.

Nova Reign Falls Off the Counter

Nova responds to the fall with shock and pain.

After all, she fell a considerable distance for a person her size.

She of course cries, and Tyler was right there to comfort her immediately. He picked her up and soothed her.

Soon enough, she was seated in her chair and feeling better.

But to hear Twitter parent-shamers tell it, Tyler had basically been letting his daughter play on some dilapidated rooftop.

Novalee Reign is okay

Some of the responses were downright cruel, but even some "gentle" tweets at Tyler were full-on dad-shaming.

"The thing that pissed me off was how could you let nova climb on the counter," one Twitter denizen expressed.

The tweet continued: "She falls off and start doing it again and you did nothing."

"They didn’t show in this scene before hand," Tyler explained. "Where I told her I was only going to let her sit on the counter for a second."

He revealed that Nova was only to sit there "until I got her chair that she usually sits on next to me when we make dinner together."

"She never climbed back onto it though," Tyler clarified. "I’m am NOT a perfect parent!"

Tyler Baltierra tweets against dad-shamers

Even MTV chimed in, sharing the clip -- the same one that we have included -- on Twitter.

The Teen Mom OG Twitter account captioned the video: "@CatelynnLowell and @TylerBaltierra are over the online trolls!"

Fortunately, plenty of supporters -- many of whom were parents themselves -- chimed in.

People recalled their own childhoods spent on kitchen counters and how their own children do the same.

They also pointed out that kids Nova's age fall all of the time. They're learning how to exist in a tiny growing body. It happens.

Catelynn Lowell with Vaeda and Nova

There are plenty of bad -- even terrible parents -- in this world. Millions of them, beyond counting.

A few of them are on the Teen Mom franchise, and we're not speaking exclusively of Jenelle and David.

But Tyler letting Nova sit on the counter is normal. Letting her do it again, now that she's learned how easily one can fall? Also normal.

It's hard to see a child cry out in pain and shock, but Nova is okay.

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