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If you haven’t heard, Kylie Jenner and Tyga have gotten back together for the hundredth time.

Ding dong, Kylie’s common sense is dead.

Now that his sugar mama has taken him back, the rapper is celebrating by splurging on a brand new diamond grill.

Made by celebrity jeweler Ben Baller (how apropos), the grill flaunts 1,400 diamonds for a total of 18 carats and cost $45,000, according to TMZ.

It’s the most expensive mouthpiece Baller has ever made, and very likely the most gaudy.

I guess when your impressionable young girlfriend is a multi-millionaire, you gotta take advantage of that shiz before she changes her mind and dumps your broke ass again.

The couple were seen last night leaving the 1Oak nightclub together in the Ferrari Tyga gave to Kylie (or she gave to herself?) on her 18th birthday last year.

The pair hinted strongly that they were back together last week when Tyga shared a photo to Instagram of Kylie on his bed wearing her outfit from the night before.

"They always come back," he captioned the pic before deleting it, a move that celebs now seem to use when they want to pretend as if they hadn’t thought the whole thing through.

Then on Friday, at the highly-publicized premiere of Kanye West’s "Famous" video, Kylie and Tyga held hands and basically confirmed their reunion.

"Kylie and Tyga are giving things another shot," a source told People.

"They are taking things a lot slower this time around, though."

Slower? What does that even mean?

Kylie and Tyga seem to be picking up where they left off, and the reality star wasted no time giving her rumored new boyfriend PartyNextDoor the old heave-ho after they made out in his new video.

Sigh. It’s hard keeping up with these kids today.

Whatevs. Check out Tyga’s new awful bling teeth below: