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Rumors that the late (or not!) Tupac Shakur may actually be alive have surfaced once again thanks to a new image purportedly of the rapper.

A YouTube video claiming that the music legend is among the living – and citing a selfie for proof – has taken the Internet by storm, again.

Yes … a Tupac selfie.

“Did you saw (sic) this – it is Tupac guys 100 per cent same eyebrows and lips,” says the video sleuth, who is not a native English speaker.

Is it, though?

2 Pac

We’re approaching the 20-year anniversary of Tupac’s (alleged!) death, officially an unsolved murder on the night of September 7, 1996.

Shrouded in mystery and buoyed by controversy, many fans have long maintained that he did not actually pass away at 25 years of age.

An unsolved case does not mean Tupac is alive, however, no matter how much people want to believe he didn’t perish in Vegas that night.

Yes, we realize Suge Knight has said he lives on numerous occasions … as did the police officer who said Shakur faked his own death

But still.

People really love a good conspiracy theory, and the deaths of both ‘Pac and Biggie (a.k.a. Notorious B.I.G.) are prime fodder for that.

Trying to get your head around the idea that they could survive two decades in secret in this technology-driven age is tough, though.

“I know everyone wants him to come back but he is dead,” one person wrote. “Anybody who claims this guy is still alive is a …idiot."

“You can’t hide in todays electronic day and age," said another 2Pac skeptic, so "stop drinking the conspiracy kool-aid you half-wits (sic).”

Fair points, yet this feels … different somehow:

Photo via YouTube

Likely because of the "Tupac selfie" above.

Says the video creator, despite the fact that he claimed it WAS 100% in his previous assessment that he knows Tupac’s whereabouts:

“First of all I want to say that I am not 100% if he is alive but I want to share my view so enjoy end (sic) comment ur (sic) views too.”

“I think that we all saw some photos like them with the description OMG TUPAC IS ALIVE and live in Cuba etc but take a clear look in (sic) this.”

Bottom line: 2Pac is living in Cuba under the radar, taking selfies on a 2011 model phone and rocking clothes made in 2014 apparently.

Let’s be honest, the "evidence" is at least somewhat interesting. Right? Check out the video below and then tell us in the comments:

What do you think? Is Tupac alive?