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We have officially run out of superlatives for Beyonce.

On Sunday night at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Rihanna won a lifetime achievement award.

Britney Spears returned to the stage after about a decade and Kanye West gave us a classic rant.

But, once again, Queen Bey made all viewers bow down in her presence. She stole the show.

Beyonce VMA Performance Photo

She won eight trophies for starters, making her the most-decorated singer of all-time at the ceremony.

And she also sang a 15-minute medley of songs from "Lemonade" that left anyone with a pulse standing and cheering in awe.

Following an introduction by Serena Williams, the segment opened with Beyonce standing in a white feather coat and launching into “Pray You Catch Me,” while her dances fell to the ground, one by one behind her.

She then tossed the jacket aside to reveal a lace black leotard before it was time for “Hold Up.”

And you better believe a baseball bat was incorporated into this routine.

From there, back-up dancers donning gold latex dresses did their thing while Beyonce wished "dust to side chicks" in "Sorry."

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But that was far from it.

The superstar then draped her shoulders in a spotted black and white fur for "Don’t Hurt Yourself," concluding the number surrounded by flames.

Yes, actual flames, as you can see here:

Beyonce Fire Photo

The performance aptly ended with “Formation,” whose rendition featured dancers rocking some matching black over-the-knee boots.

The artist and her impressive troupe also organized themselves into feminist formation to recreate the symbol for women with their bodies.

Really, you need to see it to believe it and appreciate it.

Beyonce dedicated her routine and her Video of the Year win to “the people of New Orleans,” where parts of the visual album “Lemonade” were filmed.

Upon accepting the evening’s most prestigious trophy, she added:

"I’d like to thank my beautiful daughter and my incredible husband for all of their support."

We’re out of words for Beyonce.

MTV shared the full video of her performance on Facebook and it has already received over 6 million viewers.

Has there ever been a more universally beloved singer in music history? We’re not even kidding. Beyonce has to be in the top five at least, right?

And we haven’t even mentioned yet how she owned the red carpet ahead of the show alongside Blue Ivy:

Beyonce Blue Ivy Red Carpet VMAs 2016
(Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV)

Just sit back and appreciate all she has to offer now: