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On this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe was dealing with social media fallout.

Specifically, Scott Disick had publicly butted into her love life.

This led to conflict between her and Tristan.

The notorious cheater confronted Khloe about why she wants to hide him like a dirty secret.

Khloe Kardashian Needs to Change Things
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As we mentioned, it was Scott that got the ball rolling on the conversation.

He left a very public comment on Khloe’s Instagram, writing: "Tristan is a lucky man."

As a result, Khloe received a barrage of clown emojis (mocking her for once again getting back with the cheater).

Khloe Confesses
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The world saw this as confirmation that Khloe and Tristan were once again boning.

Khloe felt cranky about the replies, so she deleted Scott’s comment.

And Tristan did not love the way that this looked — like she was hiding him as some shameful secret.

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Scott did meet up with Tristan to apologize … after Khloe chewed him out for meddling.

"I feel bad about that comment I made on Instagram …" Scott confessed.

He explained himself: "I was just trying to make a comment I thought was nice."

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Scott admitted: "I didn’t even think twice about it. I’m always oblivious."

That’s believable. He once posted the step-by-step instructions for an Instagram endorsement to his IG captions, by accident.

Tristan told Scott that he felt that the comment was "dope," admitting that it felt nice to not feel like a "secret" in Khloe’s life.

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"I get that she’s scared and people look at her like she’s some pushover, but she’s not," Scott emphasized.

"If people only knew how difficult and how much you had to work," he suggested.

Scott continued: "He paid his dues, he’s in the dog house, he worked as hard as he could."

Tristan Thompson on Air

"I understand what she’s going through, I put her in this position," Tristan insisted.

He clearly wanted viewers to believe: "I have to understand that, I accept that."

"If we are gonna be back together, you’re not letting nobody down that matters," Tristan stated.

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"Everyone that matters to you wants us to be happy and together," Tristan stressed.

"Why would you want to make another kid with someone that you don’t see yourself being with?" he reasoned.

Tristan continued: "We literally hang out the whole time like a couple … sleep in the same bed, we’re adults and we’re basically a couple."

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After conferring with Kim, Tristan approached Khloe on the subject.

"It was kind of weird for me because I understand what I’ve done to you," he told her.

Tristan continued: "I know what I’ve done to you and there’s a lot of trauma and a lot of people talk bad about you."

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"And," Tristan characterized, "you’re the type of person where you want people to love you and care."

"But I feel like our bond and how far we’ve come is stronger than letting that hold us up," he told her.

Khloe in turn said that she wants to keep aspects of her life "more private" in the future.

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Khloe does not want to "overexpose certain areas" of her life in the future as she has in the past.

To the camera, Khloe claimed that she was "still pretty guarded" when it came to her romance with Tristan.

It is unclear if she meant that or if she was simply hoping that fans wouldn’t see her as a fool.

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"I think you deleting that, it didn’t feel like private, it feels like you’re trying to keep a secret," Tristan expressed.

No stranger to keeping secrets himself, he told her: "I’m not a side [censored]."

"I didn’t want to hurt your feelings and I didn’t think of it from how you would feel," Khloe responded.

Khloe and Tristan at Kim's Birthday
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"I didn’t mind what Scott said, it was more the aftermath of it all," Khloe assured him.

"It’s not just with you," she added.

"My soul is at a breaking point from how much I can handle," Khloe expressed.

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She feels overtaxed "in regards to the public thinking they’re allowed to talk about my weight, my face, my personal life."

Khloe declared that "actually I don’t want to hear that anymore."

"My intention is not to hurt anyone’s feelings, especially yours," Khloe stressed, "and I am really sorry about that."

Tristan Thompson Faces His Past

"I will try to be more aware," Khloe vowed.

She added: "but I also have to protect my mental health."

Parts of that seem very reasonable, at least.